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The Best 7-Passenger SUV for Electric, Luxury and Standard Models

By TheCarzingTeam March 22, 2022 | Car Buying Tips

Car Buying Tips

Ranking the best 7-passenger sport utility vehicle (SUV) depends on the buyer and the type of SUV the buyer prefers. SUVs are offered in standard models, electric models and luxury models, too.

Some buyers have a large budget and prefer a model that offers high-end features and amenities. Others are on a tight budget and want the least expensive option that can seat seven. There are buyers who are eco-conscious, and electric SUVs are the only choice for them. Here are the best seven-passenger SUV for electric, luxury and standard models.

The Lucky Number 7

SUVs are offered in three different sizes: small/compact, midsize and full size. Full-size and midsize models both may offer enough space to fit seven passengers, and some of these larger models can even fit eight passengers.

Providing enough space for up to seven passengers requires a third-row of seating. When buyers are shopping for an SUV to seat seven, they may narrow their search to SUVs with a third row. As the size of the vehicle increases, though, so does the price. Typically, large third-row SUVs are higher priced options.

Not only do these vehicles provide the most seating capacity, but they also may provide better towing capacity, too. While families may need the passenger space, other buyers may be drawn to full-size SUVs for the cargo space and towing power. Some buyers simply prefer a large SUV to a pickup truck, which also offers the power to tow larger loads.

Other buyers, though, don’t want to navigate those large, full-size models. They just want enough space for kids and cargo, which means that a midsize model could be ideal.

Midsize Seven-Passenger SUVs

Standard midsize seven-passenger SUVs aren’t luxury models, but they do offer plenty of space and can include upgraded features for added safety benefits or just for more driving comfort. Midsize SUVs offer different standard features depending on the brand.

What’s the best standard seven-passenger SUV? Car and Driver actually did the homework for buyers and ranked every single seven-passenger SUV from worst to best. The best seven-passenger model was the Kia Telluride.  

The site took the Telluride on a 40,000-mile road test. Car and Driver reported that the Telluride “…was faultless in terms of reliability.” It also can tow up to 5,000 pounds, which means that it has the power to pull small trailers.

Kia is known for its budget-friendly pricing. The 2022 Telluride has a base price of $32,790. The 2022 Telluride also received a Top Safety Pick rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) for models with LED headlights.

Best 7-Passenger SUV for Luxury Buyers

Kelley Blue Book (KBB) is one of the most trusted sources for used and new car pricing and information. KBB compiled its list of the best luxury full-size SUVs, all of which can seat seven passengers. Of all the luxury options, it was the 2022 Jeep Wagoneer that took the top spot. The 2021 Lincoln Navigator and the 2021 Cadillac Escalade rounded out the top three.

The Wagoneer also happened to be the least expensive model on the list; the base price for the Wagoneer is only $69,995 and can fit up to eight passengers. Safety features of the Wagoneer include blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control with stop and go, park assist technology (for both parallel and perpendicular parking), and more. The Wagoneer has a towing capacity of 7,170 to 8,790 pounds.

Best 7-Passenger SUV

Best 7-Passenger SUV for Electric

Car Magazine out of the U.K. ranked the best electric vehicles with a 7-passenger seating capacity. Tesla’s Model X took the top honor; the small SUV can seat between six to seven passengers. The middle row of the X can seat up to three passengers, while the third row seats two.

The range for the Model X also is pretty impressive. For electric vehicles, the range denotes how far the car can travel on a fully-charged battery. The Model X has a range of 348 miles; the Model X Plaid, though, can travel 333 miles.

While the Model X isn’t a huge vehicle, it does offer decent towing capacity. The Model X can tow up to 5,000 pounds. Tesla also offers falcon-wing doors, and this can make transporting gear a bit easier.

The only big caveat for those who opt for electric models is the issue of recharging the battery. Many electric vehicle owners have their own charging station at home. However, not every city is well adapted for the electric car surge. California—where electric vehicles are popular—may have many charging stations. Other states or cities might not have many options.

Tesla owners, though, can easily search for Supercharger stations to make the hunt for a battery boost a bit easier.

The Least Expensive 7-Passenger SUV

While KBB and others may rank the best SUV on many different factors, some buyers are zeroed in on one number only: the price! What is the least expensive 7-passenger SUV?

The Volkswagen Tiguan is the least expensive option on the market. With a base price of $25,995, the Tiguan is moderately priced for the budget-conscious buyer.

What about buyers who need a seven-passenger SUV that’s less than $15,000? Are there any options? For new models, the Tiguan is the lowest-priced option. Shopping used or pre-owned models, though, could provide buyers with more options that fit into their budget.

Some families could be shopping for a large SUV to fit everyone, but they may not be comfortable with spending close to $30,000 on a vehicle. Shopping for a lower-priced large SUV might take a bit of research, but it is possible to find many great options.

Best 7-Passenger SUV

Use Carzing to Shop for the Best 7-Passenger SUV

Carzing can help individuals and families on a tight budget find the best car to fit their needs and their finances. Carzing lets buyers search for cars by body type, price, make/model or keywords.

For buyers who need a 7-passenger SUV that’s less than the Tiguan, it may be best to start the search by price. Set the price parameters to fit budget needs. This will reveal search results that include cars, minivans and more; however, buyers can further refine their choices by using the toolbar to the left of their results.

Under the body type option, choose SUVs. This will clear out all the other body type options from the search query. How can buyers find only third-row options or models that seat seven? Use the make/model specifications to look just at the models that offer the third row. Buyers may need to have a few preferences in mind like the Telluride.

Finding the best seven-passenger SUV among all the options can take a bit of time. Carzing is open 24/7, though, and buyers can take as much time as they need on their search. There is no sales pressure.

Once buyers find their ideal car, they also can use Carzing to get prequalified for financing. Choose the financing option with the best terms and monthly payments that fit the budget. Print out the details to show the dealership.

With Carzing, the shopping process is easy. Buyers also can spend their time at the dealership finalizing the financing, finishing the deal, and, ultimately, driving off in the best 7-passenger SUV for their needs and budget.

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