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Most Reliable Cars Of The Decade

By TheCarzingTeam September 15, 2021 | Car Buying Tips

Car Buying Tips

Reliability is somewhat subjective to the owners’ preferences. Some might consider a car that starts every time and requires regular maintenance intervals reliable. While others might expect their sports car to perform well on the track or under heavy use. To others the miles on the odometer are all that’s needed to determine a car’s reliability. For the folks at Consumer Reports the most reliable vehicles must pass 17 different tests. The test isn’t just limited to the mechanical ability of the car but how easy to use the electronics systems and the interior build quality. Achieving a top reliability rating from Consumer Reports isn’t easy, that’s why we have compiled the best cars since 2010.

7. Lexus GS
2013 Lexus GS 350
If you have spent some time looking at Consumer Reports ratings, you’ll see that even great cars have imperfect years… Usually. Then there are cars like the Lexus GS, which has never failed to receive perfect scores on reliability tests since inception. Since 2010, the GS never scored below excellent and rarely showed any flaws. Not many cars can receive excellent score ratings let alone for every single year of its production since 2010. If a more spacious luxury sedan is what you desire then the Lexus GS is an excellent choice.

6. Lexus IS
2017 Lexus IS
The Lexus IS has been spot on for reliability since its creation in 1998. Having only minor body integrity issues in 2010 and few cases of reported infotainment issues in 2014 the Lexus IS has delivered close to perfection on the reliability front for owners since 2010. If a small sporty luxury sedan is what your heart desires then the Lexus IS is a spectacular choice.

5. Toyota RAV4
2021 Toyota Rav 4
The best-selling car in America (Excluding Pickups) is the Toyota RAV4 and its no surprise. The RAV4 has proven reliability having received the highest reliability scores for 10 years straight. These high scores have spanned two redesigns that were executed flawlessly, and its newest redesign will likely follow the same path. In terms of crossovers Toyota is in a league of their own having dominated the space with the RAV4 since it became popular and having expanded their options for RAV4 trims as well as different crossover models to appease the growing consumer demands in the segment.

4. Lexus ES
2022 Lexus ES F Sport
Since its inception in 2008 the Lexus ES has scored the highest reliability rating. It should be no surprise that a car based on the Toyota Camry would perform so well in longevity and reliability. The Lexus ES drives in its own lane for reliability amongst luxury cars no other brand in the segment comes close to receiving consistent perfect score let alone receiving the highest reliability rating since 2008. If your looking for a reliable luxury sedan the Lexes ES if hard to beat.

3. Toyota Camry
2020 Toyota Camry
The Toyota Camry has been a dominant sedan in the American market for nearly 30 years, and for good reason. Between 2002 and 2017, Camry upheld the top reliability rating from Consumer Reports every single model-year. This incredible reliability along with constantly improving quality, and modern design changes help the Camry continue to be a best seller worldwide.

2. Toyota Prius
When the Prius debuted there were concerns of long-term reliability of its hybrid battery system, but those worries have since been laid to rest. Receiving top reliability scores for 12 years straight across all its variants that hybrid system has become tried and true. Not one issue has been found with the Prius since 2011 making it the reliable passenger car of the decade. For those wanting excellent mpg along with impeccable reliability the Prius is your best choice.

1. Toyota 4Runner
Toyota 4Runner
The undisputed reliability champion, the Toyota 4Runner has received the highest rating in durability from Consumer Reports for 13 consecutive years. The 4Runner may be getting a little long in the tooth as far as tech and interior features but that’s not really its purpose. The 4Runner is a purpose built off-roader that’s extremely capable on and off the pavement with bullet proof reliability and dependability. If you want the cheapest operating costs with the longest potential lifespan the 4Runner is unbeatable.

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Car Buying Tips
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