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Can You Get Car Insurance without a License?

By TheCarzingTeam May 23, 2022 | Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Car owners who drive their car have—in the majority of states—the legal responsibility to hold insurance on their vehicle. Driving legally requires protection against liabilities from at-fault accidents, but many drivers carry comprehensive insurance to protect their own car, too.

Non-drivers might own a vehicle but not drive it. They also might own a vehicle and hire a driver. Perhaps the car owner just holds a learner’s permit. Insurance is necessary whether or not a car owner is driving their car. Can you get car insurance without a license, though?

Securing Insurance without a License Might Be Challenging

Bankrate explains that it is possible to insure a vehicle without a driver’s license, but the process might not be so simple. Insurance companies will typically request driver’s license info, so how do non-drivers handle such a request?

The site explains that another driver can be listed as the primary driver for insurance purposes.  In addition, the non-driver can be named an ‘excluded driver.’ This might be necessary for seniors who can’t drive but still own a vehicle.

Individuals with a suspended license could opt for an SR-22 certificate. This certificate provides proof of liability coverage. However, Bankrate explains that not all insurance companies can provide this certificate. Those with suspended licenses might need to research different options.

Can You Get Car Insurance without a License

Insuring Teen Drivers

One situation that might be easier for non-drivers to secure insurance is the teen driver who just holds a learner’s permit. While those learning to drive won’t be the primary drivers on a vehicle, parents should still call their insurance company to add them to the policy.

Insurance companies are certainly not new to insuring teen drivers, and car owners can reach out to their carrier to talk about options for a young driver who just holds a permit.

Insuring a Stored Vehicle

Some cars are never driven. These may be automobiles procured by collectors or just older cars that are being stored but not driven. These vehicles still need to be insured, but non-drivers might select an insurance type called ‘parked car’ insurance.

This type of coverage is comprehensive insurance that protects against flooding, theft, fire, vandalism and other damage while the car is in storage. However, the ‘parked car’ coverage will not cover any accidents on the road.

Can You Get Car Insurance without a License

Are Premiums Higher for Non-Licensed Car Owners?

Individuals who don’t hold a driver’s license but still need car insurance to protect their vehicle might wonder if they could face higher rates. In the case of ‘parked car’ insurance, coverage may be cheaper. This coverage is designed for cars that aren’t being driven.

However, for vehicles that will be driven by another family member or a hired driver, the premiums might be more expensive as non-licensed applicants might be seen as a higher risk. Car owners who need insurance but who don’t hold a license might look at different companies to find their best option and the best rates.

Other Options for Non-Drivers

Those who don’t drive might have a car that they use for other family members or a hired chauffeur to drive them to appointments, errands, etc. For individuals who don’t drive and who have no need for their vehicle, there are many other ways to travel.

The rise of rideshare services like Uber and Lyft has made it easy for anyone to find transportation. While rates might vary, these services are convenient and provide immediate transportation for those who don’t drive or who simply don’t want to hold a license or buy a car.

In major cities like New York, public transportation is the norm. Owning a car isn’t necessary, and many New Yorkers probably wouldn’t want to navigate the congested streets on their own.

Instead, cabs, rideshare services and the subway provide the transportation city dwellers need to travel across the city. Of all the options, the subway might be the most popular and the most economical option, too.

Many car companies are beginning to launch self-driving cabs in some cities. These vehicles might travel specific routes and can hold a group of passengers. Unlike the subway or even cabs, these vehicles don’t require a driver. Instead, they operate via an autonomous self-driving mode.

Self-driving cabs are still in the test stage. Unfortunately, these vehicles aren’t without their glitches. The BBC reported that one Waymo vehicle was confused by traffic cones and drove away from those who were sent to provide assistance!

Zoox is Amazon’s foray into the world of autonomous robo-taxis. These uniquely designed self-driving vehicles are being tested in San Francisco, Las Vegas and Foster City, Calif. Seattle is reported to be the next destination for the robo-taxis.

While autonomous taxis are not the norm in most cities, when companies like Waymo and Zoox perfect the vehicles, they could be the future of public transportation. Non-drivers also could become the norm if electric vehicles perfect the autonomous self-driving mode that is wired into Tesla models and other electric vehicles.

However, even if—or when—autonomous vehicles take over the streets, non-drivers will likely still need to insure their vehicles.

Can Non-Drivers Buy a Car?

If non-drivers need to buy insurance for any car they own, can non-drivers buy a car if they don’t hold a driver’s license? Those who don’t have a license might have a reason; some might have health conditions that preclude them from driving, seniors might not feel comfortable driving, and some drivers might have had their license revoked.

Can an individual without a driver’s license purchase a vehicle?  A driver’s license isn’t a requirement to buy a car, but it is a requirement to drive a car and, in some cases, to insure the car. If the buyer has the money and proof of identification, they can purchase a vehicle.

In fact, some grandparents who don’t drive might purchase a vehicle for a grandchild. Some non-drivers purchase vintage cars for their collection.

The majority of states require insurance when driving a car. In addition, a driver’s license is required to legally operate a vehicle. The only exception is related to those with a learner’s permit, however those with a permit need a licensed driver in the vehicle.

There might be many reasons for an individual not having a driver’s license. Yet, these individuals can still buy a car, and they can still legally own that car. Without a driver’s license, though, they cannot legally drive, and they also need to hold insurance on their vehicle.

Even when a vehicle is sitting in a garage as part of a collection, the vehicle needs to be insured and protected from damage like fire, flooding or even theft. Any car that will venture out on the road needs to be insured against liabilities related to an accident, and a car with a loan needs comprehensive protection, too.

Non-drivers or those who don’t have a driver’s license might have difficulty securing insurance for their vehicle. They also could pay higher premiums. However, insurance companies could list the non-driver as ‘excluded’ on the policy, while another driver is listed as the primary driver.

For unlicensed car owners, it might be wise to reach out to different insurance providers to explore the options and find the companies who could offer the lowest rates.

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