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The Carzing Solution: Removing Complexity, Confusion, & Anxiety in Car Buying

By TheCarzingTeam April 5, 2021 | Car Loans

Car Loans

Buying most things today can often seem effortless. However, when the time comes to buy a car, the process can feel more like a lengthy, complex, and confusing journey.  The data suggest that most Americans will own between 6-13 vehicles in their lifetime and whether this is your 1st or 10th time buying a car, with the CarZing solution, car shopping delivers a refreshing online experience that places you in the driver’s seat.

Car Buying Anxiety

Car buying is usually done in conjunction with car financing and therein lies the complexity.  Understanding financing vs. leasing, annual percentage rates (APR), terms, down payment, monthly payments, and how they all correlate is perplexing. Then there is the dread associated with affordability, being creditworthy, price negotiation, and whether you’ll be approved for the car you want. Even for experienced car shoppers with good credit, understanding and securing financing can be frustrating.  For first-time or lower credit car buyers, often this part can be paralyzing.

Regardless of demographics, sitting down with the dealership to review qualification eligibility, payment options, and creditworthiness can often be the most unpleasant.  But it does not have to be this way.

The CarZing Solution

With its strategic affiliations & partnerships within auto finance and credit industries combined with its innovative technology and dealership partner network, CarZing has successfully consolidated the entire car shopping process onto a single platform. Like a good real estate agent assisting a home buyer, CarZing acts as an expert guide, liaison, facilitator, and more, all for the purpose of getting the best deal for the car buying customer.  “Our goal is to remove the mystery, hassle, and pressure of buying a car by providing unparalleled choice and transparency to online car shoppers.” says Frank Merle, CarZing Operations Director.

How CarZing Unlocks Your Buying Power

Once on the site, visitors can enjoy a comprehensive online car shopping experience like most other online listing websites.  However, CarZing specializes in providing car shoppers with prequalified financing options without affecting their credit score.  Enhanced search results are clearly displayed with preliminary financing details including price, down payment, monthly payment, term, APR, and more.  You can save one or multiple prequalified offers and view all your options side-by-side with real-time financing comparisons.

Once you are ready to schedule your test drive, you can simply print out a deal voucher to take to the dealership.  You can also contact our support team that can help locate other great deals or dealerships in your area, confirm availability, and even helps schedule a test drive appointment.  Finally, a single solution destination that integrates all of the various car shopping considerations.

Cars and trucks often hold a special value that is not reflected on the window sticker; they provide lasting memories and experiences.  From the family vehicle growing up to the first time behind the wheel, vehicles are an important part of our culture.  Buying a vehicle is one of the most infrequent and important purchases an individual will make, and CarZing provides intuitive tools, modern resources, and comprehensive solutions that transform the complexity, confusion, and anxiety into a fun & exciting experience.

Ready to buy a car? Discover how the CarZing Solution can transform complexity, confusion & anxiety into a fun, easy, and stress-free car buying experience for online car shoppers. Try it today! Check out our extensive cars for sale near you.

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