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All You Need to Know About Honda Civic Maintenance Costs and Its Services

By TheCarzingTeam July 11, 2019 | Car News

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Honda cars are no less than a dream for most people around and owning one is not that easy. The brand has been a big success since its initial days and never fails to amaze people with its advanced technology and unbeatable style. Honda has given us many which are somewhat in our budget but have looks of an out of reach sedan. Be it SUVs or sedans, Honda is tough for cars falling in any range.

Speaking of amazing sedans, the favorite out of all the sedans that Honda has bought to us is Civic. Honda Civic is the classiest of all cars and has looks to die for. Although the car was launched way back it still rules the hearts of most sedan lovers. The best thing about the car is the owner gets to enjoy the benefits of a super-luxurious car in an affordable budget for many. The dark and stylish colors that the car is available in give it an edge over its competitors. Additionally, the style of the car is subtly different and steals the show every time it sets its foot outside.

Is Honda Civic a reliable investment?

The brand has been updating the model and specifications ever since the launch and is making the car better and better every time. The earlier models of the car used to resemble a station wagon which came along with a bold curve on its sides. The now available model, which is the tenth generation of the model, is sportier than sophisticated and stronger than ever. The car has an advanced engine, accelerator and an amplified power which is incomparable other cars of its range.

With its advanced specifications, the car tends to consume less energy and fuel. This lets you save some cash and put it to some other use. You can hop on the road without worrying about the fuel or less cash on you. Honda civic comes to you as a future investment and would more than last with you if used properly. Without consuming much power, the car will take you on a ride so smooth and quick, you wouldn’t realize you are inside such a strong automobile. The easy acceleration and brakes are simple to drive even for an amateur driver.

Honda Civic is one of the few cars available in the market these days that provide you with more benefits than you invest in it. Even though the car is not that cheap, it still has benefits that will make the price seem more than reasonable to you.

Honda Civic’s maintenance details:

Broadly speaking, Honda civic is a strong car and provides benefits of a sports car besides being one of the classiest sedans. The car has excellent specifications which give the car an edge over the others. In spite of the car being quite popular and oh so stylish, there are many details about the automobile that most people do not know about. This is why before we get to the Honda Civic maintenance costs, how about going through some of its latest specifications?

  • The average mileage that the car gives is 16 KMPL to around 26 KMPL, which is better than most cars available in the market today. With this mileage, the car is sure to save you some money for future use.
  • The car can use diesel or petrol. You can get the tank customized to make it appropriate for you.
  • The car has a total of 4 cylinders and a seating capacity of 5. The gearbox has 6 speed and boot space of 430.
  • Rear AC ducts and audio control are available.

Some of these specifications weren’t present in the earlier models of the car and other features have been updated and improved for the present and future generations. The features are strong and would require less maintenance from the owner.

What are the maintenance charges for a Honda Civic?

Speaking of maintenance, Honda civic takes an average cost of maintaining as well repairing, which comes out to be $217. The price could range from $70 to $2417 depending upon the amount of damage caused to the model.

The first two years post-purchase; you can face the maintenance cost to come around $150-$200, which will depend on how well you can handle your car and how smooth your driving skills are. Even if you manage to keep it properly, you should invest around $100 yearly to expect better performance later. If you tend to invest in the second year properly, you can expect a lesser expenditure in the next few years.

Your expenditure on Honda Civic maintenance costs may fluctuate after around 5 years of its purchase. You might see a sudden increase in the maintenance costs of your car around the 5th or 6th year after the purchase. If you keep the car after the 11th or the 12th year of purchase, these years might turn out to be the costliest years out of all. Your Civic might even stop working after these many years. This is the updated data available for the latest Honda Civic model and is based on the customer reviews and other sources generated.

Specific maintenance requirements in Honda Civic:

To properly manage Honda Civic maintenance costs, you need to know exactly where and by how much you will be required to keep a check. There are certain services that you should be providing your car so that it keeps working find the maintenance charges do not increase drastically after a while.

  • Oil changes:

To start with, you need to keep oil changes frequently so that the engine of your car stays lubricated and the movement and other functions of the car stay fine. The average cost of changing the oil in a Honda Civic is around $70-$90, which is one of the cheapest and the most important maintenance charges. This is done to keep your car lubricated and fresh. Make sure to get the oil filter replaced once you go to get oil replaced in your car.


  • Camshaft position sensor:

The camshaft position sensor is an important part of the car model, which takes all the data of the car to the computer so that appropriate actions for your Civic’s working can be taken. They are usually damaged if some oil leaks take place and need to be replaced as soon as possible. Since this could be a heavy replacement or repair, take optimum care of this part of your car else, you may face higher costs. Honda civic maintenance costs for this part is around $300-$400.


  • Door lock actuator:

Honda Civic maintenance costs may get affected by the door lock actuator which comes into play whenever you lock or unlock the door. Their behavior should always be checked and any change in behavior should be inspected. You should get suspicious if the door locks stop responding to remote sensors or have stopped working smoothly.


  • Timing belt:

If you notice your car engine to stop abruptly or the engine of the car starts to make a banging or clanking noises, you should get your timing belt replaced as this could be an issue which is mostly seen rising in Honda cars, especially Civic. The maintenance or repair of the timing belt can cost from $200-$300.


  • Windshield wiper motor:

Another common need for replacement in a Honda Civic is the motor attached to the wipers of the windshield. The motor is attached to a small shaft that protrudes outwards and facilitates the right and left movements of the wipers. If you happen to have a wiper on the rear window as well, you should get that inspected too. Maintenance of this part is a need for all cars in general.


  • Shock absorbers:

To protect your car from several shocks that might come over the years, you need to maintain the shock absorbers which will take in the shocks that come if you drive over a bump, etc. These parts have a gas or liquid filled which are attached to the car’s suspension. The car’s body moves along these parts when you drive over a bump and you stay shock-free and so does your car. You will be needed to repair or maintain them if oil or gas happens to leak or decrease over time.


  • Headlights:

The cheapest maintenance cost is taken by the headlights which can be easily replaced and don’t cost that much. They can be maintained by buying a stronger and higher quality headlight and the bulb inside it so that it stays break-proof even if you hit something. You would want to get them repaired and maintain them the most as they enhance your car’s looks. The headlights of the car will cost you less than $100 if you buy from a good and reasonable store.


  • Power steering or electric steering:

Power steering has the basic function of taking the pressure generated on the pumps and takes it to either the steering rack or a gearbox so that the power can be generated to assist you while you power steer the car. This steering requires certain parts inside your car for their working. However, if are planning or have gotten the latest car, you may have electric steering in its place. The electric steering is more powerful but would take more costs for its maintenance. Since steering is what drives and controls your car, any change in its behavior can cause prove dangerous. Therefore, make sure to have a regular check on it, especially.


Some symptoms to take care of can be groaning, or other noise coming out when you steer and the steering also gets hard to move. If you notice any liquid leakage, take your car to the service center and get the steering check specifically. Maintaining your steering wheel would not cost you much, an average of $200 would just do.


  • Fuel pressure regulator:

When speaking of Honda Civic maintenance costs, fuel pressure regulators are important maintenance and should be given much attention. They maintain a certain pressure on the car about the fuel and take away the excess fuel to the tank again. This is useful to stop the engine from flooding the car engine. If the case worsens, a huge fire may take place. If not this, due to excess oil, leakage could take place and car’s oil could get contaminated. Inspection of this part is highly important and should be checked every time you visit the service center. If the regulator stops functioning, you should get it replaced and according to Honda Civic maintenance costs, it is going to cost you around $250.


  • Oxygen sensors in the engine:

As the car model improves every year, the Honda Civic maintenance costs decrease because of the advanced technology being used that cuts down the other costs that might arise later. Speaking of advanced technology, the oxygen sensors in the Honda Civic have been increasing every year. They are fixed inside the engine to keep a check on the quality of gases being combusted inside to power the car. Oxygen is used to make sure that the mixture of the gases stays perfect so that to problems arise in the cars functioning and the air being exhausted maintain a certain quality for the environment.

Maintenance of oxygen sensors will cost you around $200 on an average.


  • Car battery:

Honda Civic has a great battery quality but the annual maintenance of the terminal ends of the battery is very crucial as the car utilizes and gives out a high power. This makes the battery more prone to getting damaged. Check on the positions of the battery terminals. Honda Civic maintenance costs just $89 for this part of the car.

Honda civic maintenance costs can be calculated according to the individual maintenance needs of the car which usually occur with the Honda Civic owners. You will not face these charges if you keep a smooth check on the car and drive properly. Use good quality parts and oil. By taking care of all the above-mentioned parts, you can cut down on a lot of Honda Civic maintenance costs.

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