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How Can Used Car Seats Be Donated

By TheCarzingTeam June 5, 2019 | Car News

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We all make use of the car for our daily transportation, and this is making our life simple and happy. Using a car on a daily basis for a long time might cause different issues with the car, as everything comes with an expiry date. Not only just cars, but any vehicles you use, will also start having some problems after a few years. The validity of your car’s health totally depends upon the distance it has travelled in total and also maintenance work. Maintenance includes repairing on time, servicing of cars parts etc. You should always take care of your car’s maintenance so that it will last for a long time. After a period of years it is going to be old and tired or when a new car model comes in the market then everyone wants to update their vehicles. But we should also look for the options that what we can do with the old one before buying the new car. These are some possible things that you can do with your used car:


  • Exchange the old car with the seller to purchase a new one. This option will work only if your car is still in demand in the market. If your car model is more than 10 years old then there is a very little probability that sellers will show any interest in it. If it is possible, then it would be the best option for a car owner because you will get a high discount on your newly desired car and it will be a hassle-free process because all this process will take place in the same location.
  • Bartering or selling it to some friends or colleagues can be the other thing you can do with your old used car. If your friends or any family have something you can use then you will not mind doing some bartering on your car as it would be helpful for both parties and the problem will be solved. However, if the deal doesn’t go successfully and if anyone of you feels dissatisfied later on, it can cause some serious damage to your relationship.
  • Donating the used car would be a noble decision that will get you some blessings as well. If you wish you can always donate your old used car to any trust or organization. Your car can be used for different purposes in that organization, However, before donating it you need to make sure that the car is working properly and no part of the car can damage any person, because that might create a serious issue therefore before donating it, make sure to it has proper repairing and servicing carried out.
  • Dismantling it can be the other option available but only when you are handy with car parts and automobiles. There is a huge market of automobiles where any quality part is always welcomed. You can dismantle your cars and filter out the parts that are in good condition and sell it in the market; you will get a good price for each item and moreover, it would be a good experience too.
  • Selling it is always an option, whenever you want, you can sell your car by listing it into buy/sell marketplace. There are many platforms available for selling and buying anything, you just need to list your item with quotes and buyers will contact you afterwards. The only problem is that it is a time-consuming process as you need to show the item to everyone and it demands a lot of patience.


Sometimes it might also possible that some parts of the car got damaged and others are working fine. In such cases, you will be required to replace only that specific part. In such a case, the issue could be what to do with the old part? For example – car seats; can used car seats be donated? The answer will be yes, there are some places out there where you can donate your used car seats.


When and how to donate car seat


If you have looked into some new and fascinating car seats and you are now willing to replace your old car seats with that new one then you can choose to donate the old one. However, you should choose to donate it only if you think that it is not in a damaged condition and it can still survive some more years. Once you have checked this, you can look for some charitable trust and contact them. They will schedule the pick-up and the rest will follow on. They can use it for different purposes; such as fitting it into any vehicle, or can be used for a seating arrangement in the garden etc.


 Can used car seats be donated without any hassle?


Yes, it is a completely hassle-free process to donate the car seats but you should consider some points before making the decision


  • Do not forget to check the manufacturer’s date as well as the expiry date of the car seats. If your car seat is expired, then do not donate it. You can choose to recycle it in such cases. It is recommended to do some research on how to recycle the car seat, and then you will then find a way to discard it.
  • Check and investigate your car’s accident records. If you find anything serious with the car seats then do not donate them. Even a small issue can cause trouble for someone in the future.
  • If you have ever used any harsh chemicals such as bleach to wash the car seats then do not donate them. Use of such harsh chemicals can cause some serious damage to the strength of the car seat, and hence it is not recommended to wash your car seats with heavy chemicals.
  • If your car seats have not been in any of these points above, then you can simply contact the organization where you can donate the item.



That’s all regarding the donation process and precautions. Your donation can help the organization in many ways so your small donation can make some changes in someone’s life.

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