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The Latest Technologies that Most Car Buyers Look for When They Purchase Cars Today

Most car buyers are willing to spend more just so they can equip their new car purchases with the latest technology.

By TheCarzingTeam March 8, 2019 | Car News

Car News

Modern technology is changing the preferences of most car buyers today. This is why almost all the car manufacturers are investing deeply into developing and adapting the best, simplest, and most innovative technologies that make the driving experience extraordinarily amazing.

According to a poll conducted by Autotrader, most Americans are willing to spend more when buying a car just so they can get the latest and most useful technologies. Kelley Blue Book has a short list of the most in-demand technologies that car buyers are looking for when they are shopping for cars:

“Most Americans are willing to spend more when buying a car just so they can get the latest and most useful technologies.” 

Teen Driver Technology

If you are occasionally handing over the car keys to your teenager, this technology would come in handy. Some of the most liked features include the following: notification through your email or other contact details once the car exceeds a specified speed limit; disabling of the car stereo if the seatbelts are not properly used; and blocking the ability to crank the stereo to full blast (a common cause of distracted driving among teen drivers)

“If you are occasionally handing over the car keys to your teenager, this technology would come in handy.”

Adaptive Cruise Control

They say once you use this technology, you’ll never go back. Adaptive cruise control is like putting more intelligence into the vehicle. An array of built-in sensors facilitates adaptive cruise control—the car matches the speed of the vehicle running in front of it. Thus, as a driver, you won’t need the constant hitting of the gas and the brake even if you are in highway traffic. The same works for stop-and-go traffic during city driving.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Built-in sensors are also used to facilitate Automatic Emergency Braking. This technology identifies a possible forward collision or crash. It does not merely recognize a potential crash, it acts upon it. The system automatically applies the brakes so it can possibly lower the severity of the imminent crash, in case it can’t be avoided completely (which is usually the case). Right now, not all cars carry this feature but by the year 2022, it will be part of the standards in the auto industry in the U.S. and most other countries.

360-degree camera

You may easily deny it, but everyone needs a 360-degree camera system in their cars. The system combines inputs from several built-in cameras scattered in all sides so it can display a top-down and complete view of the surroundings—providing assistance especially during low-speed driving activities, during which the car is more vulnerable. Thus, you can avoid minor accidents whether you are lining up to a spot or parallel parking.

“360-degree camera system displays a top-down and complete view of the surroundings.”

Connected mobile apps

Believe it or not, many car owners today want to connect their vehicles to their smartphones. Fortunately, it is now possible. Don’t expect a mobile app to take over actual driving—not yet at least. But, you can use a special mobile app to remotely lock or unlock the doors, to check the fuel or tire pressure status, or even to start the engine before you hop in to make sure the inside is warm enough during a freezing winter morning.

Apple CarPlay or Android Auto

You may have been annoyed by the way your car manufacturer designed its built-in infotainment system. It simply is not user-friendly. This is the reason Apple CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto are very in-demand these days. These accessorizing technologies can make your car’s infotainment system take the interface of that very familiar iOS or Android device you are using. This ease of access makes the infotainment experience far better and integrates it further into your technological ecosystem.

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