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Chevrolet: The Past and the Present

By TheCarzingTeam August 30, 2019 | Car News

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It is the Chevrolet that is having the best reputation in automobile market. The performance that you have from their models is hardly found in any other brands that are in the field of automobile. The popular Company like Chevrolet is having good background. It was started in 1911. The founder of this Company is Durant. Louis Chevrolet. Going back to the history then it is important to know all about this popular automobile company.  The manufacturer of this automobile is the General Motors and popular in the short name as “GM”.  It is Chevrolet GM the American automobile division of American manufacturer GMC that are the world’s best automobiles manufacturers. They make best models, use best quality materials for making the customers to have best standards in the field of automobiles. GM Company is popular all over the globe for bringing out the best types of models in any type of vehicles. They use the best parts of the different companies that make the best in this field. In America out of 10 cars one car is sold by the GM and that is of Chevrolet. Chevrolet let has very interesting stories. The Company has name on the top of the charts in automotive world for many times. It is the Chevrolet that gave the best competition to the well-known number one Company that is Ford.


Background of Chevrolet

There is a great story and very interesting things that happened in Chevrolet Company. It was Louis Chevrolet that was the driver of racing car that was having the name and fame both. He and Durant together made this company and were brought into the GM for making the promotion of this Company more and more. Durant was the president of GMC and was also good friend of Louis Chevrolet. They both decided to create company. Durant loved the sir name of the Louis Chevrolet. It is therefore the name of the Company is kept by Durant. Durant was business minded person that was having the experience of experienced of gaining in business. He was known the value of Louis Chevrolet and the sir name was used for the popularity that could advertise itself. The American based Company like General Motors (GM) in automobiles was having good reputation in all sides of America. Louis Chevrolet has little background about his childhood. His father was a watchmaker that used to repair old watches. Louis Chevrolet used to help his father in the childhood. When he grew up then he was fond of racing the vehicle and soon he made the surprise by winning one of the best championships in America. Later on, he became very popular by winning many championships by defeating the drivers of other country. It was the 1911 that this Company was found. Today Chevrolet is 107 years old Company that has made the history in automobile market. In Durant’s life many ups and down came when he was president of GMC. Durant was expelled two times from the GMC. But again, he got his position back.  In 1919 the leaders in automobile market was Ford that is still exists. But the year of 1919 there was a great change. It was Chevrolet Company that took over the first position in America in the market of automobile. The main owner of this Company is the GM of America.


What Chevrolet is all about?

It is Chevrolet that is having name in making all types of parts and uses all types of best parts from other companies to get the best results for making the outstanding performance of their vehicles. Chevrolet was announced the bestselling Company in the year of 1919. They are having large numbers of branches that are all over the world in different countries. Their head quarter is in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. The service that customer’ gets from this Company are reliable and also that has the satisfaction of buying the right types of car or any other vehicle. They are the makers of all types of domestic and commercial vehicles. The service includes vehicle finance, vehicle repairs, vehicle and vehicle sales, vehicle insurance and vehicle maintenance. Chevrolet is the company that is always in the run of toping up the charts in automotive market. There was great competition that Chevy Company faced. It was Ford that was not letting the Chevrolet to come up. But in 1929 the Chevy Company introduced their new model. It was the “Stovevolt” name that was given to this model. There were six-cylinder engines. It was re-modernized in 1933 and was introduced as Standard Six. There another good achievement was in 1953 in which they released their powerful car model that is Corvette. It was the first two seated racing car that that was made from the fiberglass.


American market and Chevrolet Company

In the year of 1955 there was a great turning point for Chevy. It was their new model that is Small-block V8 that created history for the Chevy. It was the longest mass produce engine in their world. But today according to the technology there have been changes that have been done in this model. The heads and small blocks of aluminium are introduced along with modified electronic engine management and sequential port fuel injection. In the middle of 1960s, the Chevrolet Introduced the model that is Rochester. It was also the advance edition of Corvette. In this the Company provides better option of comfort and speed. The brakes, handle control and tires were upgraded for making the comfort to the racing driver to move fast with best controls on the car. It was Chevrolet under the GM that has made many models. In the American automobile market, it was “Corvair” that made the Chevrolet to rule over the American automobile market. The Company introduced the new system in this model that was having rear-mounted air-cooled engine. Soon this model made the Chevrolet to sell one out of ten cars in the field of American automobile. After the 60s series of the tears gone then in 1970s there was a great series that they introduced in the American Automotive market. It was Impala the model that was becoming the craze in American market. Chevrolet was forced to introduce the series in this new model.


History of Chevrolet in other countries

Europe is a continent that is having numerous of countries in it. The GM America decided to launch their Chevrolet models in this continent. It was Daewoo that was rebadged of Chevrolet to make the market to have the comfort of having best model for driving. All over the globe the Daewoo Company was rebadged. It was only Vietnam and South Korea that retained the name of Daewoo. This change was done in 1955. You will glad to know that the Chevrolet became so powerful and popular that many small and good Companies likes to involve in this Company and wanted to have best shares for their make. But GM the owner of Chevrolet Company used to select the right type of company to get rebadged d with the name of Chevrolet. One of the best examples is the Suzuki that also immerged in Chevrolet. Chevrolet models like Cadillac and Corvette were marketed in Europe from side to side a separate distribution channel operated by Netherlands-based Kroymans Corporation group. If you will see the average of Chevrolet market in Europe, then you will come to know how much the demand that Chevrolet vehicle was having. Both the central and western countries of Europe was 200000 unit sold in the year of 2005 and in the 2007 it was 216160 units that were sold in the central and western Europe. It was the highest record of Chevrolet in the share market that was raised to 1.28 percent in the year of 2012.

It was just not in Europe but there was bid demand that Australia was having. The Chevrolet joined the local Companies of Australia for settling their plants in different states of Australia were manufacturing best types of parts of the vehicle. The company loved to have their parts in their selected states. The body parts, engines and assembling all were done in five plants in different states. Australia automobile market welcomed Chevrolet in 1918. The best and luxury models that are still used in Australia are Bel Air, Biscayne, and Impala. In 1970s and 1980s the new Company Holden was gaining good reputation in automobile market. It was Chevrolet that shared many popular vehicles with Holden like Caprice, Malibu, Barina Spark, spark and Colorado. In between the year Chevrolet had drawback and were forced to take out all their models. But the plants that were making parts and providing service remained in Australia. But they made the comeback in 2017in Australia and New Zealand.

It was time for the Chevrolet Company move to the Continent Africa. In Africa they The General Motors decided to launch Chevrolet in Country South Africa. It was the 1986 that Chevrolet reached in South Africa. There they faced problem that they never faced in their whole automobile market. It was Vauxhall motors of South Africa and Holden models that built models under the name Chevy. Port Elizabeth was the place that was selected for making the parts of the models that were manufactured. The model like Biscayne was very popular model of Chevrolet that was appreciated by the automobile market of South Africa. But the drawback for Chevrolet was due to the models that were left hand drive vehicles but here in South Africa it was right hand drive. It was the time for the local Companies to get over the automotive market of South Africa. But in the early 90s the Chevy was back with rebadged with Holden and Lumina. But in the 2017 Chevrolet has decided to withdraw from this country but will work with Isuzu and PSA that are the new owners of Opel to ensure existing customers receive parts and technical support during and after the company exit from this country.

The history lets us know many things and in the history of Chevrolet you will come to know that during the World War II took place in Poland and in that period the Polish resistance movement built armored car called Kubus that was based on the chassis of civilian Chevrolet 157 truck. Other than this the joint venture between GM and Russian company that was established in 2001 and that was GM-AvtoVAZ. In Russia Chevy Niva in SUV was specially designed that was built according to the conditions that Russia had in the automobile market. The general Motors factory is located in Sain Petersburg that was opened in 2008. The factory upgraded and produced Opel Antara and Chevrolet Captiva in 2012. The other plant of Chevrolet is located in Nizny Novgorod that produced Chevrolet Aveo in the plant. Not only the Chevrolet Aveo that was produced but other than this they produced Captiva, Lacetti, Tahoe, Orlando and Epica.

Coming back to the lower part of North America it is South America that is having many popular football countries. Here in this continent the GM launched Chevy in 1962. The manufacturing was from 1962 to 1974 in the beautiful country that is Argentina. Even the Chevrolet Double Phaeton models were imported to this country. The country got the model called “Especial Argentina” designed according to the condition of Argentina automobile market. It was Chevrolet Opala and Chevrolet Nova that were used in 1960 that was based on Opel Rockford in another country of South America that is Brazil. There was different type of models that were in country Chile. All these models were of Chevrolet. The branded platform is found in the Ecuador of Chevy Company. General Motors are operating Ecuador for 80 years. Suzuki Supercarry under the name of Chevrolet is still in the Ecuador automobile market. Chevrolet was launched in Venezuela since 1948, Columbia it was 1956 and other than these countries Chevrolet is having the history in Asia continent. There are many countries that have their history of Chevrolet in The Asia continent.


Method of advertising

In the field of advertisement, the Chevrolet has shown lot of class for making the best types of advertisements. The stunt is performed, they have the collaboration with Radio channels, many magazines that have the interesting stories about Chevy, they also used best swizz watches that have special addition of their popular brand. General Motors have the tribute to Louis Chevrolet the co- owners of this Company by launching best watches that is having the name of Louis Chevrolet.


Chevrolet the champion in sports car

The Chevrolet entered in the field of car racing and truck racing. In this world leveled championships shows the ability, power, control and is the test of the parts of the vehicle and the model itself. There are different types of racing that the car has in many different championships of the world. In this the features of the car are all that we see. Here are some of the achievements that Chevy is having in the sport of racing:

  1. NASCAR: This is very popular car racing in which the team work is required and in these three drivers with three cars has to show their ability. The popular teams always love to have the most controlled vehicles or cars that can run fast and can win them the race. The popular team in this champion ship is like Chip Ganassi team, Richard Childress team and Hendrick Motorsport Racing team. All these popular teams are using the Chevrolet models and are having best records like the team Hendrix has won 11 championships, Childress team won six championships and Richard’s team won two championships in NASCAR world championship. In this championship Chevrolet is the most successful manufacturer that has won 39 titles. It is Chevrolet that has the name of most recorded wins.
  2. In truck racing championship in NASCAR it is Impala and Chevy Monte Carlo that is very popular. In monster energy NASCAR cup series and Camping World Cup truck series it is Chevrolet that has the name on the top of all other automobile companies.
  3. Indycar: It is another popular sport that car is used for racing. It is the Chevrolet that has the record of 500 wins in Indianapolis championship; Chevrolet is having five consecutive CART World Series in Indycar championship. In between the GM announced to not participate in such events. The GM again launched Chevrolet in 2012. The popular teams in this series like to race in the model of Chevrolet. There are many Companies that use engines for this game. The top winners of the series like KV team, CFH racing team, Team Penske and Chip Ganassi team uses the engines that are of Chevrolet.
  4. Tudor United SportsCar Championship: In this popular car racing sport the Corvette was the main hot spot that was focused by every racer. The model Corvette was having the most valued car in this sport. This popular car racing sport was closed in the year of 2014.  It was Corvette model of Chevrolet that won eight Alms GT1team championships. This car made many racers to gain the popularity all over the globe.
  5. FIA World Touring Car Championship: The model of Chevrolet that is Lacette was launched again in Europe and this time Chevrolet took part in the WTCC with its special version Lacetti that was developed by UK based Ray Mallock.
  6. British Touring Car Championship:  Chevrolet entered in the championship with Cruze to move all the players from one place to the other providing best service.
  7. British football: It was the time that Chevrolet replaced Audi in 2012 as an official automotive sponsor of the famous English football team Manchester United. It also sponsored team T-shirts having their name at the front on the chest. There was 7 years contract that was done with the football team.


Chevrolet at present

The general Motors of American base automobile Company (GMC) has decided to disconnect 5 models that will help them saving in millions. The models which Chevrolet models are being discontinued for 2019 by GMC are Chevrolet Volt: that was the mainstream car of its own kind. Chevrolet Cruze It was the bestselling car. Other than these two models it is Cadillac CT6, Cadillac XTS and Buick LaCrosse. The GMC has decided to discontinue with many models of Cadillac models that are Cadillac parts expensive. There were models that were having very expensive parts and it was giving great problem to the customers that were using such models. The maintenance and repairing was costing a lot. The company itself decided to disconnect such expensive cars from their manufacturing.

All the Models that have been disconnected in 2019 will be having new modified version that will be less expensive and better comfort with the best control over the car. It is not that Chevrolet is closing the Company but is ready to come with many new models in the year of 2020. You can have the updates from their website. In that site you can see which models are disconnected and what was the reason for disconnecting them. You can also see or read about the new models that they are about to release in the year of 2020. Instead of expensive Cadillac parts the company is going to use the best advance technology that will help those saving money and the customers are also able to purchase. On the internet you just visit their website and see the new model like 2020 corvette model, new accessories, the new modified model of blazer, boltEV,CAMARO and many more that are about to launch in 2020. All the information is available in their official website. You can read about their features that are different from their past models and you can also see the price of every model.

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