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Top 10 States With The Most Electric Vehicles

By TheCarzingTeam July 12, 2021 | Car News

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The rise in popularity of EV’s should come as no surprise, as we transition to Renewable Energies and increase focus on sustainability. While accounting for only 2% of new car sales in the US in 2020, EVs are expected to make up 3.5% in 2021 and more than 10% by 2025. The future of EVs is looking bright, so today we’ll be taking a look at electric vehicle sales by state and listing off the top 10 states with the most EVs and why their residents are buying them.

10. Georgia

Coming in the number 10 spot we have Georgia. They’ve been leading the charge in development of the electric vehicle supply chain through their partnerships with local universities and international companies. The state of Georgia has been hard at work increasing its EV infrastructure with more than 900 public charging stations, along with University of Georgia boasting the largest fleet of electric buses in the nation. Georgia continues to grow its EV presence through innovation and growing demand.

UGA Electric bus 40 foot electric buses used by UGA

9. Colorado

Colorado, known for its vivid mountain landscapes and lush green forests, is less known for its government’s progressive approaches to EVs. Colorado has been a front runner for promoting the use of EVs, and it has more public charging stations per capita than California. The Rocky Mountain state also has by far the greatest incentives, offering residents up to $5,000 off the purchase of a new EV, on top of federal rebates. Colorado is also the first state since 2009 to adopt a ZEV Rule, and the first state ever to have the support of the auto industry in adopting a ZEV standard.

8. Illinois

Illinois falls in the No. 8 spot on the list for most EVs, but don’t expect it to stay here for long. They are gearing up to become a hub of new electric vehicle tech. Companies like Rivian, an electric car manufacturer building new production facilities, and Leon Electronics’ announcement to build the largest all-electric medium and heavy-duty manufacturing plant in the United States, are expecting to produce over 20,000 vehicles annually. Couple that with the 26,000 EV already roaming the streets in Illinois and you have the prospects for an EV boom.

7. Arizona

The valley of the sun and home to the sunniest city on earth. In a state with so much sunlight and a leader in residential solar panel usage, it’s no wonder so many folks are driving around in electric cars. From being able to power your car from the energy produced right off your roof, to the abundance of charging stations and their AFV Tax Credit, Arizona is a great place to own an EV and for prospecting car buyers to consider getting into the EV world.

Solar Awnings

6. New Jersey

New Jersey is in the front row for states wanting to reduce their CO2 emissions with plans to use 100% clean energy by 2050. Governor Phill Murphy has set a goal of registering 330,000 EVs in New Jersey by 2025, to help reach their goal of becoming carbon neutral. New Jersey offers a fantastic EV rebate program where individuals can receive up to $5000 for the purchase or lease of a new EV, as well as great rebates for businesses looking to turn their fleet electric. Proposals to significantly increase the state’s public charging network have been approved and are expected to begin breaking ground later this year, making it easier for residents to find charging locations.

5. New York

When you think of the bustling New York City life electric vehicles might not be the first thing to come to mind, but it should be. New York offers some of the best incentives for buying an electric car through their Drive Electric program. The program provides up to $2000 off the price of a new EV as well as discounts on NYC Thruway Tolls, Bridges, and tunnels. Additionally, the program allows drivers of EVs to occupy the HOV lane when driving alone. All of that, plus access to thousands of charging stations on one of the fastest growing charging stations networks in the country make New York a fantastic place for EV owners.

4. Washington

Washington has been a great place for electric vehicles. Washington offers appreciable incentives and rebates as well as a great charging network. Having added more than 500+ charging stations last year to its charging network, making it one of the best in the country. Washington’s government is working hard on Washington’s Electric Highways, which will provide places to charge vehicles allowing for longer-range trips. The highways link up with efforts in Oregon and California making an all-electric trip from Canada to Mexico possible.

3. Texas

Everything’s bigger and better in Texas, and that includes their charging networks and production of EVs. There are more than 50,000 EVs roaming the streets of Texas, which probably has something to do with the state’s cheap power pricing and huge charging network. Home to 1000+ EV fast chargers and 3500+ charging ports residents have easy access to an expansive charging network. Texas also offers plenty of tax rebates for individual consumers, small businesses, and large fleets of vehicles. As if that already was enough EV goodness for one place, Tesla’s newest Austin based Gigafactory is set to begin production this year and will produce over 100,000 new EVs per year.

Texas Gigafactory Tesla Gigafactory

2. Florida

The sunshine state finds its way into the No. 2 spot boasting impressive amounts of charging stations and EVs on the road. Florida’s charging network is made up of over 5500 fast chargers and regular charging ports making it the 3rd largest in the nation. It’s not all good news for EVs in Florida, they lag behind other states in government and utility funding for transportation electrification and per capita deployment of EV charging infrastructure. However, the passing of the Essential State Infrastructure Bill the future of EV infrastructure looks promising. The legislation will create a master plan for fast-charging infrastructure along with identifying barriers and opportunities to advance electric vehicle adoption.

1. California

Rounding out the list we have California, the pinnacle of EV innovation and implementation into its state’s infrastructure. California leads the nation for EVs. Approximately 42% of EVs nationwide are in California, that’s over 425,000 EVs! They also have 33,000+ public charging stations and huge percentages of the population are buying EVs over gasoline cars. In California 10% of New Vehicles Purchased Are EVs, making them the largest consumer of EVs in North America. California continues its efforts to get more people driving EVs by offering incentives and rebates as well as their ambitious goal to have 5 million EVs and 250,000 charging stations by 2025. California is and will continue to be the forefront of EV innovation and an excellent place to own an EV.

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