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What is the Most Expensive Car in the World?

By TheCarzingTeam August 2, 2022 | Car News

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Many consumers like to window shop and check out different products and amazing finds—even if those items are out of the price range. While buying a car means shopping within the budget, it’s also fun to explore cars that are luxury goals.

Some manufacturers create vehicles to match the custom requests of their customers; these cars can be one-of-a-kind with a price tag that matches their couture car status. Luxury manufacturers like Mercedes-Maybach, Bugatti, Rolls Royce and Ferrari are associated with wealth, prestige, and even royalty.

Among these brands, what is the most expensive car in the world and who manufactures the most luxurious car? The most expensive cars include:

What is the Most Expensive Car in the World

  • Bugatti La Voiture Noire
  • Rolls-Royce Boat Tail
  • Rolls-Royce Sweptail
  • Bugatti Centodieci
  • Mercedes-Maybach Exelero

What is the Most Expensive Car in the World

What is the Most Expensive Car in the World?

The most expensive car in the world is actually a bit of a grey area. Motor1 officially lists the Bugatti La Voiture Noire (the name means ‘the black car’) as the most expensive car in the world.

La Voiture Noire costs $13.4 million. The car is the price of a mansion, but what makes it so valuable? Only one La Voiture Noire was produced, and it was already sold. The vehicle was designed as an homage to the lost fourth Bugatti Atlantic (which was black) that went missing around the time of World War II.

Bugatti explains that this vehicle “…is a tribute to BUGATTI’s own history, a manifesto of the BUGATTI aesthetic and a piece of automotive haute couture.”

However, while LA Voiture Noire currently reigns as the most luxurious and expensive vehicle in the world, it might actually be usurped by another. The Rolls-Royce Boat Tail is noted by Motor1 to be a successor to the manufacturer’s Sweptail model.  Rolls-Royce’s CEO called the vehicle “…Bespoke at its purest.”

Why might it take the top spot as the most expensive vehicle in the world? Motor1 could only estimate its cost; Rolls-Royce has not released the price of the vehicle. However, Motor1 speculates that it could cost $28 million. The clichéd phrase of ‘if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it,’ might be apt for the Boat Tail.

The Rolls-Royce Sweptail is the 2nd (or 3rd) Priciest

Rolls-Royce produced a singular Sweptail model. High-end also is synonymous with rare. For a vehicle or a piece of clothing to be considered couture, it should be one-of-a-kind or even bespoke.

These models produced by Rolls-Royce and Bugatti aren’t created on an assembly line for everyone; they are often hand-built and custom. These vehicles are works of art, collectible and, for that reason, priced for those who can afford this type of exclusivity.

The Sweptail cost $12.8 million and was produced in 2017. Business Insider reported that it was built as a custom request and took four years to create. Who owns the Sweptail?  No one really knows. Most sites explain that the owner is anonymous.

Bugatti Centodieci is the Third Most Expensive Vehicle

Motor1 reported that the Centodieci was created as a celebration of Bugatti’s 110th Anniversary. Yes, once again, only one was produced. The model’s name means ‘110’ in Italian. Bugatti explains that, for the Centodieci, the company “…created a reinterpretation of the epochal EB110, which, when presented in 1991, was considered the fastest and most extraordinary supercar of its time.” The Centodieci was priced at $9 million.

Mercedes-Maybach Exelero is the Fourth (or Fifth) Most Expensive Model

Mercedes-Maybach also made the list of the most expensive vehicles ever produced. Motor1 explained that the Mercedes-Maybach Exelero was actually produced (or commissioned) for Fulda. The vehicle was used to test out new tires. The Exelero officially drove into the spotlight in 2004, and, according to Motor1, the vehicle is now worth about $10 million—it originally sold for $8 million.

What is the Most Expensive Car that Ever Sold?

There are couture cars that are commissioned for private buyers (like the ones noted above), and there also are vehicles that sell at auction. These vehicles might be tied to a celebrity or they could just be rare and classic models that vehicle enthusiasts want for their own personal collection.

While the Boat Tail could be the most expensive vehicle ever produced, the most expensive car ever sold at auction might leave car buyers stunned. Motor1 reported that in 2018, RM Sotheby’s sold a 1962 Ferrari GTO for $48.4 million.

The 1962 Ferrari GTO remains the most expensive car sold at an auction and also could be considered the most expensive car in the world.

Other Cool Couture Cars

There are many other ‘couture’ cars listed on Motor1’s list of the most expensive cars in the world. However, one notable custom vehicle was missing. A buyer commissioned a Bugatti Divo to include a paint design so extraordinary that it took the manufacturer almost two years to complete.

The Divo became known as the ‘Lady Bug’ for its unique red and black custom paint design. Robb Report noted that the buyer wanted the vehicle to be unique from the other Divos that were produced. The price tag for the Lady Bug wasn’t released, but the Divo costs around $5.4 million.

In addition, Lamborghini offers customization for both its Huracán and Aventador models. Choose a custom color or opt for something unique for the interior. Lamborghini also has released many limited-edition models. Hotcars listed the rarest Lamborghinis, and the five rarest models included:

  • Lamborghini Centenario

The Cententario was created to honor the centenary (100th birthday) of the company’s founder. Only 40 were produced.

  • Lamborghini Veneno

One 13 models were created, and the model was priced at about $8 million.

  • Lamborghini Aventador J

Only one Aventador J was produced and it sold for $2.8 million.

  • Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

The name is Italian for “the sixth element,” and 20 were produced and were priced at $1.89 million. Hotcars notes that not a single Sesto Elemento is ‘street legal.’

  • Lamborghini Reventon

Officially the rarest Lamborghini took its inspiration from a fighter jet, according to Hotcars. Only 20 were built.

What is the Most Expensive Car in the World

What’s the Least Expensive Vehicle?

While the most expensive vehicle in the world cost millions, the least expensive car in the world won’t set buyers back too much money. Currently, the least expensive vehicle in the United States is the Chevrolet Spark (it starts at $13,600).

The least expensive car in the world ceased production a few years ago. The vehicle was the Tata Nano and cost $3,338.87; however, when the Nano was first introduced it was priced at less than $2,000.

The Nano was very basic. Air conditioning and even a radio were upgraded features, and the vehicle could only accelerate to 65 MPH, per MotorBiscuit. The site also noted that the first Nano didn’t even include power steering.

While the Nano was extremely affordable, buyers might have to hunt for one on the used or pre-owned market. However, the Nano probably wouldn’t be the best choice for those who need to drive on the highway often. Again, the speed is limited for the Nano.  The little Nano offered amazing fuel efficiency, though—getting 55 MPG in the city.

The most expensive vehicle on the market is no longer available; most couture cars are the requests of private buyers. Even the least expensive vehicle, which would only set buyers back a few thousand dollars when it was available, is no longer in production.

Buyers who are looking for a new or pre-owned car can use Carzing to find all the most affordable choices (from the least expensive to the highest priced models) and get pre-qualified for financing, too. Using Carzing simplifies the car search and helps buyers find their ideal car, whether the buyer is looking for a Rolls-Royce or a Chevrolet Spark.

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