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The Best Jeeps for Off-Roading

By TheCarzingTeam January 7, 2022 | Car Reviews

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Jeeps are one of the most well-known tough-terrain vehicles. But the Jeep brand also has become synonymous with a certain style…and lifestyle. Not all Jeep owners are interested in taking their favorite vehicle off the beaten path. Some just like the Jeep design, and the Jeep brand.

Yet Jeeps remain popular with those who crave outdoor adventures. Pack up a surfboard and hit the beach? The Jeep can go there! Hikers wanting to trek to remote locations? Jeeps can conquer tough and rocky paths.

What are the best Jeeps for off-roading? Check out these models to travel and trek across mud, sand and all the unpaved pathways of the wild!

Best Jeeps for Off-Roading

The Wrangler Models

Past, present and future, the Jeep Wrangler is the essential Jeep for off-roading. The design is inspired by the military vehicles of its past, and the Wrangler is offered in Sarge Green to lean into its heritage. Through the years, the Wrangler has included numerous models and iterations. Many are named for the terrain that the Wrangler was designed to conquer.

Some older and more limited models might be hard to find, but Jeep devotees might be up for the search. Here are some of the most well-known Wranglers that are ideal for off-roading:

Best Jeeps for Off-Roading

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is back for 2022. The popular model of the Wrangler can be found in much earlier iterations, too. The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2013 was the 10th Anniversary model, and this might be a sought after Rubicon for Jeep enthusiasts. Wanting the latest model? The 2022 model can retail for up to $75,000.

Best Jeeps for Off-Roading

Jeep Wrangler Moab

Named for the Moab Desert (in Moab, Utah), the Jeep Wrangler Moab started to catch the attention of auto enthusiasts in 2018 before it officially launched. At the time, publications noted that it would likely be more expensive than the Rubicon. Buyers can find a used model for less than $55,000.

Best Jeeps for Off-Roading

Jeep Wrangler Sahara

Could the Wrangler Sahara take on its namesake desert? Yes, it likely could! While the Sahara can be found in a new model, there also are many used models on the market. Prices for this model could vary by condition and mileage.

Best Jeeps for Off-Roading

Limited-Edition Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Tomb Raider Model

The 2003 model might be really difficult to find. But for Jeep enthusiasts, the search for this treasure might be well worth the hunt. The Tomb Raider model of course nods to the video game…and the movie (Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life). Yes, Angelina Jolie drove a Jeep in the movie! However, this model is a collector’s dream…only 1000 were produced. This means that car buyers might not want to start hitting the mud–or the jungles—in this hard-to-find Wrangler.

The Wrangler (original!)

The original Wrangler is a classic, and it’s also available for 2022. The basic model is fairly affordable and provides all the off-road capabilities that Jeep enthusiasts want and demand. Opting for the basic model also gives buyers the option for used Wranglers. Depending on mileage, condition and age, a used classic Wrangler could be extremely affordable.

Best Jeeps for Off-Roading

Other Jeep Off-Road Options

Depending on a car buyer’s budget and their lifestyle, Jeep offers many different models that can hit the tough tracks of the wild. For example, the Jeep Cherokee—which is an SUV model—features off-road capabilities with a classic SUV appeal for family life, sports or even to transport fur babies.

Jeep also offers a truck model called the Gladiator, which also can hit the toughest terrain. Different options and features also can let buyers customize their Gladiator. Even better? The Gladiator is diesel-powered!

The Top Recommendation for Serious Adventurers

While different Jeep models might be built to handle off-road capabilities, it’s the Wrangler models that really stand out as the off-road heroes. The design and look of the Wrangler nods back to the brand’s military history.

If buyers are serious about hitting the desert terrain, driving along the beaches (in soft sand) or going over rocky paths out in the wild, it might be the Wrangler that appeals to their adventurous heart. However, some buyers prefer the sleeker Cherokee

When shopping for a Jeep model, buyers should know what they want from their vehicle. Jeep allows buyers to compare different models, and, of course, shoppers also can compare models on their own. Even different Wrangler editions might offer unique features that are better suited to a specific buyer.

Some buyers also might need a model that has a serious towing capacity. Check the specs on each Jeep model to find the off-road vehicle that can handle what the buyer needs.

Price also could be a determining factor for finding the best off-roading Jeep model. Base model Wranglers can be found on the used or pre-owned market in prices for almost any budget. However, buyers who want an inexpensive Wrangler might have to opt for higher mileage or an older model.

Jeep also offers the smaller Compass, which Jeep considers a “compact SUV.” However, while smaller in size, the Compass Trailhawk can tackle off-road adventuring. Buyers should talk to dealerships about the capabilities of the Trailhawk to ensure it meets their off-roading needs. Buyers who want to turn off the beaten path should look for the Trail-Rated badge on the Compass.

Buying a New Jeep

Carzing eases the shopping hunt for those looking for a new or used Jeep. Adventure enthusiasts that want a Jeep capable of off-roading and tackling all the roughest terrain in the wild can search for models by price, make/model and trim.

While buyers also can search via keyword and just look for Jeep as a basic search, the search could turn up too many results. However, buyers could narrow down the Jeep results by selecting from specific options like color, used/new models, mileage, year, equipment and more.

Search results also can be sorted by price (low/high, high/low) and other criteria. Buyers who discover that their search for the perfect off-roading Jeep has resulted in too few choices also can expand their search to a larger geographic region.

Carzing also can help buyers get prequalified for financing to further simplify their buying process. The prequalification option also lets buyers enter in info related to their trade in (including any outstanding loan amounts for the car). This can further help buyers understand their financing options.

Buyers can then find the loan terms and monthly payment amounts that work best for their needs and their budget. Carzing also will let buyers understand how much money they should put down as a down payment for their financing option.

Carzing lets buyers do the legwork of the car search from the comfort of home. Pick out the perfect car, get prequalified and then visit the dealership. Now that dealership visit can focus on the major details—take a test drive of the Jeep and complete the paperwork to finalize the deal!

Whether buyers are searching for the most affordable pre-owned/used Jeep Wrangler or a higher-priced Grand Cherokee from the most recent model year, Carzing makes the car buying process easy and stress-free. Browse different Jeep models online and get prequalified for financing from home or anywhere.

With Carzing, Jeep enthusiasts can spend less time at the dealership on boring details and focus on what really matters: getting the Jeep off the lot and into the wild!

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