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What is the Best Type of Car Wash for a New Car?

By TheCarzingTeam February 25, 2022 | Car Reviews

Car Reviews

The aesthetic appeal of a new car is undeniable. The vehicle’s shiny flawless finish and distinctly amazing new car smell merge into a unique sensory experience for buyers when they drive that new purchase off the lot.

Car owners often want to preserve that new car aesthetic. While the amazing new smell won’t last forever, a routine wash and wax can help preserve the exterior appearance to ensure it stays as blindingly shiny as the day it was purchased. What is the best type of car wash for a new car?

Are there specific types of car washes that are ideal for new cars? Are some gentler? Here’s a look at the pros and cons of touch-free, soft-touch and even DIY car washes!

Touch-Free vs. Soft-Touch Car Wash

Car owners will come across many different car wash options. Car washes often are partnered with a gas station. Sometimes buying a car wash even lowers the price of gas!

There also are stand alone car washes. Some might even offer memberships that enable car owners to prepay for washes for an entire month. 

Both stand alone washes and convenience store car washes typically offer different car wash packages. Prices may vary for each package.

Car washes also may advertise either ‘touch-free’ or soft touch washes. What’s the difference between these two types of car washes? The site Carwash—the online hub all about car washes—breaks down the differences between the two types.

Best Type of Car Wash for a New Car

A touch-free wash only uses streams of water and soap to clean the car. These car washes don’t have any of those barrel-like sponges that drop down on cars. The wash is—as the name states—touch free. The site explains that these car washes use sensors to detect the design of the car and wash accordingly.

With a touch-free wash, nothing comes into contact with the car. Unfortunately, this type of car wash also could mean a less thorough wash. Car Wash also notes that the touch-free options could use stronger chemicals, and these could inflict damage on the car. These washes also need proper upkeep to ensure that the programs run smoothly.

Best Type of Car Wash for a New Car

What about a soft-touch wash? This type of car wash uses soft materials like a “closed-cell foam” and also soft felt to apply soap and wash the car. The car is rinsed and dried. While the softer materials help minimize any damage to the car, there could still be some damage if there is too much pressure from the materials used to wash the car.

In addition, Carwash explains that cars need to be emulsified before this type of car wash, otherwise paint could be damaged. If the wash isn’t kept clean, there could be issues with the quality of the wash or the wash could damage the car.

Best Type of Car Wash for a New Car

DIY Car Wash

While most car wash facilities will offer either a touch-free or soft-touch wash, car owners have another option: the DIY car wash. Before professional car washes became the norm, many car owners simply washed their car in the driveway.

A DIY car wash isn’t difficult, but it can be messy and time consuming. Also, washing the car at home is a job best suited for a nice spring or autumn day. Not many car owners want to bundle up and wash their car in the bitter cold. Plus, that experience will likely leave the car with sheets of ice, as many car owners don’t have an easy or efficient way to dry that car.

When the day is balmy enough to get outside and care for the car, though, a DIY car wash could be a great choice. Grab a soft sponge, a bucket of water, car wash soap (this can be purchased at an auto store) and a favorite wax to shine up the paint! CNET even wrote about the best car wash soaps for those at-home car washes.

With a DIY wash, car owners know how much pressure they are exerting during the wash process. They also can focus on certain areas that need more attention. The DIY wash gives car owners complete control of the process. For some owners, a DIY car wash might even be a relaxing stress reliever.

There is a process for DIY, though. Car owners who want to undertake the process at home can check out Car Cleaning Guru’s tutorial. While cleaning a car is something anyone can do, car owners need to ensure that when they wash their car they don’t inflict any damage. Caked on mud could be rubbed and scrubbed too harshly and then damage the paint.

Can You Wash Your Car Too Much?

Car owners want to keep their car looking new, but can you wash your car too much? Is there a limit on how often car owners should wash their prized vehicle?

Most sites agree that cars cannot be over washed. The big warning, though, is that cars can be washed improperly. This is how damage can be inflicted to the exterior.

Car owners who love to do a weekly wash during the summer and spring or warmer months can rejoice! However, they should be mindful of how they are washing their car if they opt for DIY. Otherwise, car owners might have their personal preference regarding a soft-touch or a touch-free wash at a professional car wash.

What’s the Best Type of Car Wash for a New Car?

The best type of car wash for a new car is the option that the car owner prefers. There are positive and negative aspects for all different washes. Even DIY car washes can damage the paint if the owner isn’t careful.

For car owners looking at their options of a professional car wash in their area, reviews might help them decide the best type of car wash or the dealership might have a recommendation. Some owners might prefer touch free, as this type of wash only uses jets. Others might feel that a traditional soft-touch wash does the best job.

Car owners might prefer to handle their own car wash. And during the warmer weather, these car owners might love nothing more than to turn on the radio and spend an afternoon making their car look new again.

No matter what type of car wash a car owner prefers, they shouldn’t forget about the interior. After washing the exterior, grab a vacuum and some cleaning supplies and clean out the inside of the car. Vacuum up any crumbs or debris, wipe down the leather seats and clean up the surfaces.

While a beautiful exterior is alluring, the inside matters, too! No one wants to drive or ride in a dirty vehicle even if the paint sparkles and shines. To keep that vehicle looking amazing, car owners also might invest in a professional detailing.

Detailing a car involves a thorough cleaning but also refinishing, too. Paint can be corrected, and the interior is cleaned to perfection. Car detailing is more of an investment than just the average car wash. Detailing may cost a few hundred dollars, but pricing varies. In some areas, it could be lower than the average.

Car owners can weigh all their options when deciding on the best car wash for their investment. Owners may have their own preferences. And the budget may be a factor, too. Sometimes the price of the car wash at the gas station can be alluring, especially when it bumps the price of the pump a little lower. When in doubt, though, car owners can research the reviews of that car wash to help them decide if the wash is worth the savings.

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