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What are the Best Cars for a Midlife Crisis?

By TheCarzingTeam January 26, 2023 | Car Reviews

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The cliché of the midlife crisis typically connotes images of any activity that leans more youthful. Body piercings, new hobbies and even the cars an individual purchases could all be part of the midlife crisis equation.

This somewhat stereotyped event in adulthood can be an incredibly fun and carefree part of the life experience, though. For those in their late 40s and 50s who are leaning into their midlife crisis, it might be time to upgrade the ride. What are the best cars for midlife crisis? Here are a few expected and unexpected options:

  • Chevrolet Corvette or Camaro
  • Dodge Charger or Challenger
  • Any Ferrari
  • Volkswagen Beetle
  • Porsche 911
  • BMW Z4
  • Ford Mustang

The Commonality of the Midlife Crisis Car

Many of the cars that make the ideal midlife crisis car have one thing in common: speed and power. The muscle car and sports car models are the cliché and stereotypical example of a midlife crisis car.

There could be psychoanalytical reasoning behind the choice of these cars. However, it also could be a simple reality that a fast and expensive car makes one feel youthful. Also, splurging on a car is a privilege. By the time an individual hits their 50s, they likely have earned the luxury to splurge a bit. Those with children might have already paid for college or have saved money because they no longer have to support their children.

With age comes wisdom. Yet, age also might correlate to better finances and an understanding of the individual’s style and needs. However, a midlife crisis also might not be a time when the individual is thinking about responsibility and practicality.

Can a Midlife Crisis Car be Affordable?

Those who feel they are in the midst of their midlife crisis and don’t have a bottomless bank account or who can’t splurge on an expensive vehicle might wonder if there is a cool car that is fun, speedy and affordable. Yes, a midlife crisis car can be budget-friendly.

The site Hotcars rounded up a list of affordable midlife crisis cars. Models on the list included a 1990 Chevrolet Corvette, a 2007 Ford Mustang, and a BMW Z4. The list included 26 vehicles, and buyers can check out all their affordable options.

The list is proof that a zippy and cool vehicle doesn’t have to be a budget breaker. Shop used or pre-owned vehicles to find the best car that fits the budget and the individual.

Think Unique in Midlife

Not all midlife crises require a fast car. The midlife period could be a time of self-reflection and discovery. The individual could try new hobbies or explore different interests. It’s never too late to learn something new, and those in the 40s, 50s and 60s could take the opportunity to embrace something unexpected and discover a new passion.

Maybe it’s an ideal time to learn a new language, pick up a musical instrument or take painting or art lessons. This midlife period can be all about exploring the interests of an individual’s youth, too. Childhood hobbies can be enjoyed again.

Those who are on a journey of learning and self-discovery might also focus on buying a car that is different from anything they have ever driven. This could be the time to purchase a Volkswagen Beetle or even an old VW bus.

A car could remind an individual of their youthful teen years. Maybe they drove an old Gremlin or something unique that has been discontinued. The midlife crisis car can be a throwback to nostalgia.

Cars for a Midlife Crisis

Don’t Regret That Purchase

Buyers’ remorse after a car purchase should not be anyone’s reality. Unfortunately, though, remorse happens if the buyer overextended themselves or realized that the speedy car was actually not so fun to drive long-term.

While a car purchase can be an exciting journey, buyers also need to think about what they want to buy and why they want to buy it. Before running with emotions or the heart, buyers should sit down and figure how much they can feasibly spend. A purchase shouldn’t put other financial obligations in jeopardy.

Insurance also is an important consideration. Some cars are more expensive to insure. While the price could be right, how much will the insurance cost?

Owning a car also means maintenance and upkeep. Older cars could need more maintenance. Some car models also might be more prone to service needs, too.

Keep Options Open

Some cars can be great alternatives to more expensive models. If the individual really wants a Corvette but can’t afford the price, they could consider a Camaro or maybe a Mustang. If a model is simply unattainable, shop used or consider other models.

For some buyers, leasing a new car also could be affordable. Check out any lease deals offered by a dealership.

Splurge on Luxury?

Car buyers might know that their budget is wide open. Their midlife crisis car will be exactly what they want, and they want luxury. What are the best luxury midlife crisis cars?

Again, the choices are vast. Popular luxury models include the Porsche 911, the Chevrolet Corvette and any Ferrari. Those who can afford a Ferrari might opt for bespoke details, too.

Those ready to spend on a luxury car also could consider a Bentley or Rolls Royce. Some buyers have dreamed of owning a Maserati. Others might be ready to tame a bull (aka a Lamborghini).

Think About Upgraded Options

Those who are buying a new car might be prepared to pay more for what they want. Even if the budget is a bit tighter, buyers might want to upgrade a few features.

Think about options for the car. Is now the time for leather? Do heated seats seem ideal? A new car also might feature a high-end entertainment system.

If the midlife point is the moment to splurge, what are the main details that the buyer is will to pay for in their car? These considerations can help buyers create a vehicle that is exactly what they want.

High-end manufacturers like Ferrari and Bentley (as well as others) might allow buyers to specify any request for their vehicle. The options could be limitless.

Cars for a Midlife Crisis

Manual or Automatic?

Those who are purchasing or thinking about purchasing a muscle car or sports car might need to consider their transmission options. That is, do they want a manual or automatic transmission?

Some cars might not offer a choice. When buyers can choose between the two types, though, they need to understand what transmission would be best for them. Some drivers don’t know how to drive a manual, and automatic is their only option.

Those who can navigate both transmission types might be torn. Manual transmissions offer more control for the driver. The downside is that it can be exhausting to use in traffic (constant gear shifting). Think about the pros and cons of each transmission.  

Is it Time to Ditch the Van or Sedan?

Should buyers ditch the minivan or the classic sedan or other practical daily vehicle when shopping for their new car during their midlife years? That really depends on the needs of the individual.

Those shopping for a two-seat sports car might find that the zippy compact car won’t be able to carry much (including groceries). A standard car might be necessary for errands and other activities. Plus, the new car might be the vehicle driven only during the weekend.

Individuals also could still be working. A sports car or muscle car doesn’t boast good gas mileage. A standard sedan could be a commuter car.

Ditching the minivan or the standard car might be a consideration for a few individuals. Others, though, might find that they need that practical vehicle.  

Don’t Sacrifice Comfort

As the body ages, aches and pains might creep into daily life. Some cars could feel less comfortable to drive. Individuals also could have difficulty getting into or out of cars that sit low to the ground.

While a certain sports car could be the dream, is it a dream to drive? Don’t skip the test drive. Take that fun car for a short drive and discover how it handles and how it feels. Are the seats comfortable? Is there enough legroom, shoulder room and hip room?

Get into and out of the vehicle. How easy is it to enter and exit the driver’s seat? What about a partner or spouse? Is the car comfortable for them?

Don’t Refer to It as a Crisis

The term ‘midlife crisis’ might denote something negative to those in their ‘50s. A midlife crisis isn’t necessarily a crisis. Instead it could just be a turning point in life when the individual desires to re-embrace the fun and pure joy of their youth.

While this could be the time when additional earrings, bedeck lobes or tattoos create stories on the arm or elsewhere, it’s also a time for change and discovery. However, those who decide to embrace change also might understand that those piercings, tattoos, new hobbies or new car won’t really bring back any youth or erase the years.

Still, youth and the power of it might simply be a feeling. For some, embracing the midlife crisis means embracing speed, thrills and maybe a manual transmission, too.

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