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The Cyber Truck Towing Capacity Showcases its Electric Dominance

By TheCarzingTeam June 15, 2022 | Car Reviews

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Tesla’s Cybertruck is unlike any other pickup on the market. The Cybertruck looks like a truck cyborg; its futuristic angular lines create a truck that looks more like a sculpture than a vehicle. Yet, this electric truck blends form with function and exhibits a power that can take on even some of the more popular pickups on the market.

The Cybertruck towing capacity shuns the stereotype that the electric engine exudes less power than the standard fuel-injected engine. What is the Cybertruck’s towing capacity and how does it compare to the top pickups on the market?

  • Dodge Ram 1500: Towing capacity of 6,120 to 8,280 pounds
  • Chevy Silverado 1500: Towing capacity of 8,900 to 11,000 pounds
  • Ford F-150: Towing capacity of 5,000 to 11,300 pounds

The towing power of the Cybertruck is—as Tesla often describes its vehicles—ludicrous. While the three top-selling pickups on the market have capacities that top out around 11,000 pounds, Tesla’s Cybertruck can pull 14,000 pounds.

The standard half-ton pickup models also can increase their towing capacities with upgraded engines, but the Cybertruck offers its massive power as the standard. What else should buyers know about this unique electric pickup?

The Price of Cyber

Tesla’s models aren’t known to be the most budget friendly on the market. The manufacturer exudes luxury, and it’s also become the benchmark for the electric market. Tesla’s models have consistently been best sellers.

While Lucid currently holds the record for the electric model with the longest range (520 miles), Tesla is primed to beat the record by 100 miles. The new Tesla Roadster boasts an estimated range of 620 miles, although it hasn’t hit the roads yet (orders are being accepted).

The Cybertruck has an estimated range of 500 miles—just shy of Lucid. The Cybertruck also can accelerate from 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds.

What is the price of this powerful and futuristic truck? Compared to other pickup models on the market, the price of the Cybertruck is fairly competitive. The base price of the Cybertruck is just under $40K at $39,900.

However, the most popular truck on the market—the Ford F-Series—is priced at $29,990 (base for the F-150). The Silverado 1500 is $30,400 and the Ram 1500 is more expensive at $35,900.

The Cybertruck is the most expensive option when compared to the half-ton best-sellers. However, the Cybertruck does offer the towing advantage.

Cyber Truck Towing Capacity

Does the Cybertruck have Electric Competitors?

The Cybertruck isn’t the lone electric pickup on the market. Ford offers the Lightning, Rivian offers the R1T, and GMC offers the Hummer EV.

Ford Lightning

Ford has electrified the F-150 with the Lightning. However, the model is more expensive than the Cybertruck (at $39,975). The Lightning also offers a much shorter range than the Cybertruck—an estimated 300 miles. In addition, the Lightning can’t tow nearly the amount of weight as the Cybertruck; the Lightning’s towing capacity tops out at 7,700 pounds.

Rivian R1T

The R1T is more than $30K more than the price of the cyborg Cyber Truck with a base price of $67,500. In addition the R1T also offers an estimated range between 260 and 400 miles (the discrepancy is due to the battery pack). However, the R1T’s towing power is comparable to standard pickups—it has a towing capacity of 11,000 pounds.

GMC Hummer EV

GMC’s Hummer EV is one of the most expensive electric pickups available. The Hummer has a base price of $108,700 and an estimated range of about 329 miles. Compared to the Rivian R1T and the Cybertruck, though, the Hummer’s towing capacity lags behind. The Hummer has a towing capacity of 7,500 pounds.

Why Drive a Cybertruck?

Compared to standard pickup models, the Cybertruck is a bit more expensive. However, for drivers who want a pickup that looks nothing like the standard model, the Cybertruck might be ideal.

Like Tesla’s other models, the Cybertruck features a glass panel ceiling. In addition, the body of the truck is constructed from “30x cold-rolled stainless steel.”

While most pickup models feature an open bed, the Cybertruck’s bed is closed off. However, there is still ample space for hauling equipment and gear, as the Cybertruck features 100 cubic feet of exterior storage.

The Cybertruck also includes a spacious backseat for passengers. The truck can seat up to three passengers in the backseat.

Finding a Cybertruck

Buyers who want a new Cybertruck won’t be able to purchase one at a Tesla dealership. Instead, these pickups have to be ordered. The truck was expected at the end of 2021, but the release date was pushed back.

Now the Cybertruck might not be seen on roads until 2023. Those who want to drive one of these futuristic trucks need to pre-order via Tesla’s website.

In addition, other electric trucks also need to be pre-ordered. Gear Patrol reported that those who want a Lightning were able to start placing orders back in January. Rivian is taking reservations for the R1T, and buyers also can reserve a Hummer Pickup EV.

What is a buyer to do if they want an electric pickup now? Unfortunately, as these models aren’t available at dealerships, buyers have no choice but to reserve their vehicle.

Electric pickup models are the newest addition to the electric market. This means that buying a pre-owned electric truck isn’t an option. However, buyers who reserve a model might be one of the first in their area to hit the road in a new Cybertruck, Hummer Pickup or Lightning.

Cyber Truck Towing Capacity

Other Electric Options

While a new electric pickup truck will require a pre-order or reservation, standard electric cars or SUVs might be a little bit easier to find. Buyers on a budget also could find pre-owned models in their area.

Car shoppers can use Carzing to find all the electric options in their budget. Use the search query tool to shop by price. This will show all the options within the buyer’s price specs.

To refine the search results to only electric options, buyers can use the toolbar to the left of their results to choose the fuel type. Buyers also can select any equipment that they want for their new vehicle—they can even select the color.

Can buyers find pre-owned or used electric models via Carzing? Yes, however, in areas where electric vehicles aren’t popular, the used market might be limited.

When shopping for used or pre-owned electric models, buyers also should be cognizant of the battery warranty. The battery pack for electric models is expensive to replace. While manufacturers offer warranties on the battery, the length of these warranties varies.

Some buyers might want a pickup truck, but they don’t want to wait for the new electric options. Buyers on the hunt for a pickup truck can search Carzing by choosing the body type option. Refine the search results based on price, equipment and more to find the best pickup to fit the driver’s needs.

Car buyers also can use Carzing to get pre-qualified for financing. Buyers will need to enter basic information related to their work history and mortgage or rent payments, and Carzing will show all the potential financing options available.

Carzing simplifies the shopping experience and allows buyers to find their car and research their financing options in one place. This means that buyers can spend their time at the dealership focused on finalizing their financing and finalizing the deal.

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