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Electric Cars with the Longest Range

By TheCarzingTeam August 3, 2022 | Car Reviews

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While those who need fuel to power their ride focus on gas mileage to measure a vehicle’s efficiency, electric car buyers might zero in on a different stat. The range of an electric car is how far the vehicle can drive on a full charge.

However, as most drivers won’t wait until their gas tank is fully drained to hit the pump, electric car drivers won’t want to wait for a 0 percent battery life to find a plug. The electric cars with the longest range might be the best option for drivers who don’t want to worry about their vehicle jolting to a stop after a short distance.

What are the electric cars with the longest range? Opt for these models, which all have ranges of 350+ miles:

  • Lucid Air (Dream)
  • Tesla Model S
  • Tesla Model 3
  • Tesla Model X
  • Mercedes EQS 450

The Lucid Air Dream

Lucid can be considered a luxury electric vehicle manufacturer. The Lucid Air models start at $77,400. However, higher trim levels are more than $100,000. The Lucid Air Dream offers the best range of any electric model currently on the market–an estimated 520 miles. However, the Air Dream is the highest priced model offered by Lucid.

The Grand Air Touring, which is priced at $139,000, offers an estimated range of 516 miles (slightly less than the more affordable Air). The Air Touring is a bit more affordable than the Grand Touring with a price of $95,000 but only offers an estimated range of 406 miles.

Lucid’s Air Pure is the most affordable with a price of $77,400 and a range of 406 miles. While the Air Dream Edition offers the best range—an estimated 520 miles. However, the Air Dream is priced the highest at $169,000 (and the company is no longer accepting reservations).

Tesla Model S

The Model S offers the second longest range—an estimated 405 miles. The standard Model S is priced at $99,900. The Model S also is offered in a Plaid trim, which is priced at $135,900. The Plaid can drive an estimated 396 miles.

Tesla Model 3

The Model 3 is offered in three different options: Rear-Wheel Drive, Long Range and Performance. The Rear Wheel Drive Model 3 is the lowest priced option, at $46,900. However, its range is only an estimated 272 miles. The Long Range is priced at $55,990 and offers an estimated range of 358 miles. The Model 3 Performance is priced at $62,900 and has an estimated range of 315 miles.

Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X is a seven-passenger SUV priced at $114,990 and has an estimated range of 348 miles. The Model X Plaid is priced at $138,990 and has an estimated range of 333 miles.

Mercedes EQS 450

Like the Tesla models and Lucid, the Mercedes EQS 450 is a luxury electric model. The EQS 450 has a starting price of $102,310 and an estimated range of 350+ miles.

Electric Cars with the Longest Range

What are the Safest Long-Range Electric Models?

Those looking for the longest-range might also gravitate towards the safest options on the list. Among the long-range luxury electric models, which cars are the safest? The 2022 Tesla Model 3 received a Top Safety Pick+ rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Ratings were not available for the Model X, the Mercedes-Benz EQS 450 or any Lucid models. In addition, the 2021 Model S was tested but did not receive a Top Safety Pick or Top Safety Pick+ rating or award.

Electric Cars with the Longest Range

What is the Most Popular Electric Vehicle?

Car and Driver ranked the most popular vehicles of 2021 by sales numbers. Car and Driver ranked the Tesla Model Y as the 17th best-selling vehicle. However, the site explained that Tesla doesn’t publicly release any numbers related to sales, and the sales numbers noted were an estimate courtesy of Automotive News.

The Model Y Long Range is priced at $62,990 and has an estimated range of 330 miles. The Model Y Performance is priced at $67,990 and has an estimated range of 303 miles.

Long-Range Models on the Horizon

The Lucid Air Dream might not be the longest range electric vehicle for much longer. Manufacturers are announcing new models, and the electric competition will likely begin to focus on range numbers.

Tesla has announced and is taking orders for its Roadster model. The Roadster is rumored to be priced at $200,000. Tesla advertises that its estimated range will be 620 miles—100 more than the Air Dream. The Roadster also will have been able to reach speeds of more than 250 MPH.

What are the Shortest-Range Electric Cars?

Range is an important consideration for those considering an electric car. While some drivers might want the longest range possible, others might be fine with a shorter range if the vehicle is more affordable.

Electric car owners will either have a level 1 or level 2 charging station at home. Charging a vehicle nightly even with a level 1 charger could give drivers enough battery life to get where they need to go each day.

Those who don’t need their electric car for a long commute might be fine with a shorter range model. Here are the electric cars with the lowest range (and their prices):

  • 2022 Mazda MX-30

Estimated Range: 100 miles

Price: $33,470

  • 2022 Mini Cooper Electric

Estimated Range: 114 miles

Price: $29,900

  • 2021 Hyundai Ioniq Electric SE

Estimated Range: 170 miles

Price: $33,245

  • 2022 Audi e-tron / e-tron S Sportback

Estimated Range: 220 miles

Price: $65,900 (e-tron) / $69,100 (Sportback)

  • 2022 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

Estimated Range: 225 miles

Price: $93,700

Of the vehicles with the shortest amount of range, the 2022 Mini Cooper Electric is the least expensive. However, the Mini isn’t the least expensive electric model on the market.

Buyers who want to maximize their budget can opt for the 2022 Nissan Leaf. The Leaf is a compact electric model priced at $27,400 with an estimated range of 150 to 226 miles. The model isn’t among the five shortest-range models, and it might offer more range for the price.

The Leaf isn’t a luxury model, and the model also allows for electric to be a bit more accessible for budget buyers. Used or pre-owned Leaf models could be more affordable, but buyers should pay attention to the battery warranty of pre-owned models. Newer models could offer extended battery warranties when compared to older options.

Use Carzing to Find the Best Electric Car

Buyers interested in buying a new or used electric car can use Carzing to research their options. Search vehicles by make/model, body type or price.

If the search results are too plentiful, buyers can use the toolbar to the left of their results to omit new or used options and to select specific criteria for their vehicle. Buyers who only want to see electric cars should choose ‘electric’ under the fuel option.

Buyers also can use Carzing to get pre-qualified for financing. Enter basic information related to work history and house payments (mortgage or rent), and Carzing will show all the financing options for which the buyer might qualify. Carzing also will help buyers understand their down payment obligations.

Print out a voucher with the preferred financing option and take it to a participating dealership. When buyers use Carzing, they can focus their dealership visit on getting approved for the financing they want and finalizing the deal. With Carzing, the buyer can be in control of the car buying experience.

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