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Tesla Cars: Street Worthiness and Track Worthiness at its Best

By TheCarzingTeam August 3, 2019 | Car Reviews

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About Tesla

Tesla is the company which has shown the motor market that cars can be environment-friendly and gorgeous at the same time. Founded in 2003, by two engineers Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard it is a company formed to design and manufacture electric vehicles. Now after almost one and a half-decade later, the company is applauded as the best electric car making company in the world.

They are one who knows how to use cutting edge technology to develop cars, which are not only sustainable, but also which can be a breeze to drive. Till today, the cars developed by the company have slowly seen a lot many major changes and development to become one of the best cars in the market.

Why Tesla cars are famous?

It is not easy for a certain motor brand to become popular just like that, as several other competitions in the market are also fighting to be the best. Therefore, to make a car go from ordinary to the best in the market one need to make sure that they have the best features and characteristics any car can have.

Tesla has always taken the automotive world by storm as it tends to have a certain amount of mysteriousness added to it, which attract car enthusiasts towards it. The designers have made the normal cars exciting to drive keeping the normal daily passenger car users in mind.

Some of the features that have made the Tesla one of the front runners are mentioned below:

  1. Electric car

One of the biggest reasons why Tesla has become a successful car company is that they have created a car which is not harmful to the environment. Gas run cars are a major threat to the environment as it is slowly causing heating of the earth. But now if a car runs on electricity the biggest benefit is for the environment which can slowly become clean. Not many companies today can find the right factors to put together to create an electric car which is not only ecologically superior but also has everything that a normal car has.

  1. Design

The biggest upper hand that the Tesla designers had was that they were not turning a fuel running car into an electric version; instead, they were working from the very base. They designed the car starting from the battery pack and powertrain. This has made the design more competitive and more stylish. The basic structural design of a Tesla car is like a plain flat board as several things are not needed like a gasoline tank, driveshaft tunnel, transmission hump, etc. this makes the car very spacious inside and also adds to a lot of compartment and cargo space.

  1. Aesthetics

There is no doubt in the fact that Tesla cars are way more sleek and shapely as compared to many other cars in the market in the same range. This is because the car does not have any bulky compartment space for the engine, which has resulted in a more aerodynamic structuring of the front making it more sharp and sleek. This is also a reason why the car can have a faster acceleration because here the car is sleek and thus cuts through the air like a knife. All in all, Tesla is a car that gives a sporty and fast car aesthetics which is loved by almost everybody.

  1. Centre of gravity

In a Tesla, the chances of going off-road or the car vibrating on a mountain track is not possible. This is because the car has a center of gravity which is lower compared to its competitors. In this car, there is no bulky fuel storage tank, instead, it has a large battery pack consisting of energy cells, electronic requirements, and cooling system. This battery pack is then placed between the frame rails in a flat box. Practically is situated below the floor pan and has a covering of titanium to make sure that is not damaged by the road. This makes the center of gravity low and thus makes sure that the car sticks to the road while turning fast on steep roads.

  1. Frunk (Front Trunk)

All the cars in the race today have the boot in the back where one stores their things, but in Tesla, one can also use the space under the hood for storage. All the other cars have the engine bay under the hood, and other electric car makers also have put the battery, inverter, charger, etc. in the same place. But Tesla has shifted all of them into more practical places which are not easily seen thus availing a lot of space under the hood which they also call as frunk or front trunk.

  1. Transmission

Tesla has made their car as an epitome of technical perfection. As the car is an electric car it does not have the usual combustion engines and 200 approximately speed transmissions. Instead, these cars only have single-speed transmissions and two moving parts all in all making a 17-part drive train. This is a big reduction from the conventional car drive train; and has not many moving parts and therefore makes the maintenance a lot less hassle. Tesla, on the other hand, needs almost no maintenance and rather reduced trips to the Tesla shop.

  1. Charging

Now, coming to the main attraction of the Tesla, that is its electric running capability. The fact that sets Tesla apart from the other battery running cars (BEVs) is the fact that it does not use any large or pouch-like a lithium battery system. Instead, it uses nickel-cobalt and aluminum-lithium driven battery composition which has a lot more energy density than the usual car batteries. This is the reason why these cars have one of the best battery performances and also has the best charging capacity. It can charge with 10 KW charger and gives 30 miles per hour range. One can also double the range up to 60 miles using 20 KW power chargers.

  1. Updates

The reason why Tesla requires lesser number of shop trips is that the car can be updated on the network using the regular supply of software updates provided by the carmaker. The updates are updated wireless and most of them are free of cost upgrading various systems and functions of the car. This means one can simply upgrade their Tesla car without going to the dealership.

So, if one wants to learn how do Tesla perform around the track, which is the best Tesla for the track etc. then read further.

What is the Tesla’s performance at the racetrack?

Tesla is a car maker who has put in a lot of thought into creating a car which is environmentally sustainable and also has the sheer look of performance about it. Tesla cars are regular usage cars, but there are always some features in it which will give that extra upping for a racetrack day.

Tesla has a sleek body design which allows it to have a better aerodynamic performance on the track. The entire charging and battery system are built in a way to withstand any kind of energy consumption. Also, that the car has much better front pen design along with the lower center of gravity which keeps the car on the ground even at higher speeds, the acceleration is much better in the start. However, after a certain time lapse, the battery can be get heated up and at times it can slow the acceleration.

One can pull a great timing at the racetrack with a Tesla Model 3 or Model S, as they are installed with some of the latest race features which allow the car to have a power train eligible enough to give quick acceleration and stable run force.

Features needed for racetrack performance

Driving on a straight and simple road and driving on a track is completely different. This is the reason why most of the passenger cars and racetrack cars are built differently. The functioning, engine and the design of the car are optimized to create a racetrack car. However, Tesla automakers have taken the game top the higher level. Most of their cars are designed in a way that they can drive on the road for daily travel and also can perform on a track like any sports or race car.

Some of the build characteristics that are must for a racetrack car are:

  • Drive planes: these structural additions are added to the front bumper both on the left and right sides. These racing structures are curved in shape and help in directing the flow of the air upwards from the front providing the downforce. These fixtures also help in minimizing the air pressure that moves below the car.
  • Splitters and side skirts: this is edge like structure on the front and is parallel to the base of the car. This structure helps in splitting the air and keeps the maximum air pressure on the upward side of the car and reduces the airflow below the car. Also, when a lot of air pressure falls on it, it creates a downward force which in turn helps keep the car down on the track. Side skirts are on the side of the car and work similarly as it stops air from moving under the car
  • Vents: These are slots that are made to keep the airflow passing through the interior of the car. This keeps the mechanisms cool and stops from overheating. Side vents are also helpful in clearing the air out of wheel wells which is created due to wheel rotation.
  • Diffuser: The diffuser helps create downforce on the car and is situated under the car in the rear portion. It helps in accelerating air pressure at the rear of the car which in turn helps in reducing the upward air pressure and enhancing the overall downforce.
  • Rear wing: These are airfoils and helps in deflecting the airflow in the upward direction keeping the car down on the track. As the air gets in contact with the rear wing decreasing the downward airflow.

Tesla track cars

Out of many models of Tesla, in recent time many have found that Model 3 and Model S 100D are the ones which can give a good performance in a track. These cars come with latest additions and a great drive-train which allows the cars to pick up a good speed and also allows it to perform with good timing.

  1. Tesla Model 3

Released in March 2018 and officially hitting the market in 2019, Tesla Model 3 is everything that a car owner might want in their cars. This car has added new software updates which have only increased its overall performance.

This car has proved to be a good track performing car with its track settings and powertrain feature which allows it to go at a higher speed at a quicker rate and also helps in keeping the car on the ground.


About Tesla Model 3:

Performance of Tesla3

Tesla Model 3 is not like any other electric vehicle, and that shows when one takes it for a run on the track. The speed gain is very smooth as there is external pressure and also there is no sound while revving up the car to a higher speed. This is due to its better power supply which does not let the car suffer in any form and also does not allows the driver to have a lack of performance. The drive of the car is nimble as it gains the speed of 60 miles per hour at only 3.5 seconds which is a great transition from all its predecessors. The dual motor gives major performance enhancement and thus helps in reaching a great speed at less expense on the car.

Also, the car has a lower center of gravity which helps in keeping the car planted on the road and it also enhances the car’s turns on the track. The steering is well balanced and thus does not have to add any extra pressure to drive and turn as the settings are adjustable and well-weighted. The steering also has zero slack and quick ratio which means the car movement is not lost and is always alert. The Tesla is also great on its battery efficiency as it can give a longer drive with minimum charging. The car has a rear-wheel drive and set up wheel drive which will have much better traction control and manual adjustments on all kind of road surfaces. The turns are also very smooth and if one keeps their feet away from the brake then turns can be taken at a quite a good speed which will also be controlled at the same time. One can also use the autopilot mode for the car to drive on its own using the active cruise control option. One can drive the car for a longer period especially on tarmacs and highways where the road is straight and without much harm or damage.


The interiors of the Model 3 are sleek and minimalist at its best. The dash is a simple straight wood slab with a touchscreen of 15 inches displayed in the landscape form and an air vent. There are two scroll buttons on the steering wheel, window buttons hazard light buttons are the only button controls available inside the car. The space inside the car is enormous as the floor is flat and thus provides a lot of leg space.

The seats are also highly electrically adjustable seats which are completely comfortable and are also made of polyurethane which means it is vegan-friendly as well. The seats are also heated if one takes the upgraded software. The up gradation also brings folding mirrors, an upgraded stereo system, and tinted sunroof to keep the inner temperature controlled in a sunny and hot day.

The infotainment system of the car is also basic and is controlled by the touchscreen. Also, the navigation and connectivity etc. are simple and easy to understand to work with.

All in all, the Tesla Model 3 is a car which is budget-friendly but also is nimble and thus gives better road performance. At higher speeds also the car tends to not give any kind of throttled performance and can handle tricky sections with much ease and smoothness. It is a great car if one wants to have a smooth and free run on tracks and roads as it is also capable of handling all kind of hard-driving sessions.

  1. Tesla Model S P100D

This car is something that emerged in the market as a torchbearer for electric cars gone completely luxury. Model S is a car that is the executive-level which is a game-changer in the electric vehicle luxury car market. It brings a lot of many premium features and builds characteristics which make a stunning looking car which is a real value for one’s money.

It has a sleek look which exuberates the power sign and the best things are one will not have to worry about the fuel consumption. The entire exterior is modern and aesthetically pleasing which gives a rich and suave look. Whether running it on the track, or the road, one can get a feel of luxury and also gets to attract a lot of attention of the passersby’s’ adding a height of reputation to the driver.


About Tesla Model S:


The Model S by Tesla is known for its gut-wrenching acceleration which can give many sports cars a run for their money. In recent upgrading, the Tesla Model S has seen a certain number of changes in features and software. The highest range of the Model S is the performance range which is known for its 315 miles drive but an acceleration of 3 seconds only. One can also add the ludicrous mode in the car software by paying some extra cash, which will lower the acceleration time to 2.4 seconds which is quite an experience while driving.

The car has two motors that are placed near the front and rear axles which gives an all-wheel-drive to the car in any kind of road. The all drive wheel is available in all the three models under the Model S range, and each one of them has the best performance in town. The main attraction of the cars in this range is the acceleration which is ferocious and if differs from model to model. The battery of the three Models in S range also provides three different miles range versions; that is the base model gives 270 miles, the long-range model gives 335 miles and the performance model gives 315 miles but with the most attractive acceleration time.

The weight of the car is evenly distributed through its length and this provides a smooth even balance drive, along with weighted steering which gives this sports sedan its lucrative driving experience. There are two settings modes which allows one to choose between two steering mode one of which is the light steering mode and other is the heavy steering mode. All these features are the reason why Model S has performed so well on the tracks.


The interior of the Tesla Model S is sleek and well finished, though at certain points is does have a certain bleak point as well. The main center hold of the interior is the 17-inch touchscreen which controls almost everything in the car. The touchscreen is a well-designed panel and highly intuitive in its way so that the driver doesn’t need to fuss over every little thing. The navigation is also simple and there are various software upgradations to help one through the settings.

The steering wheel also has control buttons in the form of scroll wheels which can be used to open and close the windows, turn on or off the air conditioning, open the sunroof, raise the volume or lower it, etc. the seats are also comfortable and adjustable along with spacious leg and elbow space which allows one to travel in comfort even for longer distances.

Tesla is a company who has the foresight to build cars which are not only great for the driving experience but also for the environment. Tesla cars are street worthy cars, but Model S and Model 3 can run on the track as well with complete perfection and give a good race to the fuel run sports cars.

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