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What Car Has the Longest Lasting Engine?

By TheCarzingTeam August 12, 2022 | Car Reviews

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Replacing and/or repairing the engine can be an expensive investment for car owners. The repair or replacement could be so costly that car owners decide that it’s simply not worth it and start looking for a new vehicle.

Some vehicles aren’t known for their reliability but others are synonymous with longevity. What car has the longest lasting engine? iSeeCars conducted a study that looked at a total of 14.9 million cars to see which models were likely to hit the 200K odometer milestone; these five cars have the highest percentage of vehicles that were able to accrue 200K miles:

  • Toyota Land Cruiser (18.2 percent hit the milestone)
  • Toyota Sequoia (14.2 percent hit the milestone)
  • Chevrolet Suburban (6.6 percent hit the milestone)
  • GMC Yukon XL (5.2 percent hit the milestone)
  • Toyota 4Runner (4.6 percent hit the milestone)

The iSeeCars list of the cars with the longest lives included a total of 15 models. Of these models, eight were produced by Toyota, four were produced by General Motors, two were produced by Honda and one was produced by Ford.

Toyota Models Could Offer the Longest-Lasting Engine

Eight Toyota models were included in the list of iSeeCars’ longest-lasting vehicles. In addition to the Land Cruiser, Sequoia and 4Runner, the Tundra, Avalon, Prius, Highlander Hybrid and the Sienna minivan also were noted as long-lasting vehicles.

The study noted that Toyota was the brand that offered the longest-lasting models, and 2.3 percent of Toyota’s vehicles reached the 200K odometer milestone. Honda came in second place, with 1.9 percent of vehicles hitting the milestone.

GMC took third place; 1.8 percent of vehicles hit 200K miles. Chevrolet and Ford rounded out the top five. However, it should be noted that Chevrolet and GMC are both General Motors brands.

What Car Has the Longest Lasting Engine

How Much Does it Cost to Refurbish an Engine?

Car owners that don’t currently drive one of the vehicles known for their longevity might wonder how much it would cost if the engine needs to be replaced or refurbished. Unfortunately, rebuilding or completely replacing the engine isn’t a budget-friendly repair.

According to NADAGuides, rebuilding the engine can cost between $2,500 to $4,000. However, the cost could differ based on the price of labor and the make/model of the vehicle. Family Handyman notes that replacing a V8 engine could cost car owners about $7,000.

Owners might need to compare the value of the car to the price of repair to determine if the engine replacement is worth the cost. In some cases, owners might decide that they would rather use that $4,000 on a down payment for a newer and reliable vehicle.

What Car Has the Longest Lasting Engine

What Can Cause Engine Issues?

There are a number of reasons why and how an engine could break down and need to be either refurbished or repaired. The car might simply be older, and everyday wear and tear could have simply taken its toll.

However, there is one simple habit that can keep car owners from possibly wreaking havoc on their engine and needing to replace it before the engine hits its mileage lifespan. Failing to change the oil could take a toll on the engine; in fact, if the oil level falls too low, the engine could seize.

Car owners need to schedule regular oil changes. The sticker placed on the left side of the windshield denotes when the oil needs to be changed. In addition, many vehicles include warning lights that will illuminate when either the oil needs to be replaced or if the oil level is low.

If drivers see the light that warns of low oil level, they need to pull over and stop driving; find a safe location to check the oil. If the level is too low or undetectable on the dipstick, don’t drive the vehicle. Instead, add enough oil to ensure the engine can operate safely and take the vehicle into a service station.

There are many reasons why the oil level could be low. However, an experienced mechanic needs to inspect the car to find out why this level is falling below normal.

About the Longest Lasting Cars

Car owners might be ready to replace an older vehicle, and they might prefer to purchase a vehicle that will last them for many years (and many thousands of miles). Here’s what to know about the longest lasting vehicles.  

Toyota Land Cruiser

The 2021 Land Cruiser was the last for the model. Buyers can find this vehicle in the used or pre-owned market, although prices may vary per age, mileage, and condition. The Land Cruiser can get 13 MPG in the city and 17 on the highway.

2022 Toyota Sequoia

The 2022 Sequoia has a starting MSRP of $58,300; it can get an estimated 20 to 22 MPG (depending on the drivetrain). The Sequoia is a three-row SUV that has space for up to eight depending on the configuration. It can tow up to 7,000 to 7,400 pounds.

2022 Chevrolet Suburban

The Chevrolet Suburban is noted for being one of the roomiest SUVs in terms of cargo space. It has a starting MSRP of $54,700 and can get an estimated 21 MPG in the city and 27 MPG on the highway. The Suburban offers three rows of seating and has space for up to eight (depending on the configuration). It has a towing capacity of 7,400 to 7,800 pounds.

2022 GMC Yukon XL

The 2022 GMC Yukon XL has a starting MSRP of $56,700 and can get an estimated 21 MPG in the city and 27 MPG on the highway. Like the Suburban and Sequoia, it offers three rows of seating and space of up to eight (depending on the configuration). The Yukon XL has a towing capacity of 7,400 to 7,800 pounds.

2022 Toyota 4Runner

The 2022 Toyota 4Runner has a starting MSRP of $38,105 and can get an estimated 16 MPG in the city and 19 MPG on the highway. The 4Runner comes standard with two rows and space for five, but buyers can upgrade to three rows and space for up to seven.

What Car Has the Longest Lasting Engine

Long-Lasting Hybrids

A few hybrid models also were noted by iSeeCars for their longevity. Buyers might gravitate to hybrids because they also offer high fuel efficiency. Both the Toyota Prius and the Toyota Highlander Hybrid were noted to hit 200K miles.  

The 2022 Prius starts at $25,075 and can get an estimated 58 MPG in the city and 53 MPG on the highway. The Prius is one of the more affordable long-lasting models on the list and can fit up to five. Buyers who want to minimize their trips to the gas station might opt for a Prius.

The 2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid starts at $39,555 and can get an estimated 36 MPG in the city and 35 MPG on the highway. It can tow up to 3,500 pounds. The Highlander Hybrid is a three-row SUV that has space for seven or eight (depending on the configuration). The 2022 Toyota Highlander received a Top Safety Pick+ rating/award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

What Car Has the Longest Lasting Engine

How Long Do Electric Cars Last?

While the engine might be one of the most expensive repairs for a standard vehicle, the most expensive repair for electric cars might be the battery that powers the engine. If the battery fails in an electric car, car owners might choose to upgrade to a newer model.

According to Get Jerry, the replacement battery could cost anywhere from $3,000 to $18,000. Some sites even cite that the battery replacement cost could soar to $20,000. For car owners, the replacement might not be worth the price.

When buying an electric car, shoppers should research the battery warranty for different models. Toyota offers a 10-year/150,000 mile warranty (whichever comes first) for its electric car components. Both the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X come with an 8 year / 150,000 mile warranty (whichever comes first). Other models offer different warranties.

The standard warranty might be 8 years and 100,000 miles. Buyers can look for brands that offer more extensive warranties if they are worried about their battery life. However, by the time a battery hits eight or 10 years or 100,000 miles, owners might be ready to upgrade.

As new electric models are introduced, they might offer longer-lasting batteries and perhaps longer ranges, too. Those who drive electric might prefer to move on to the next best model when their old model starts to age and show signs of wear and tear.

What is the Vehicle that Offers the Longest Lifespan?

Car buyers who are focused on buying the standard vehicle that offers the most mileage for its lifespan might choose the Toyota Land Cruiser—more than 18 percent of these cars hit the 200,000 mile mark. However, this model stopped production with the 2021 model. Buyers that want a Land Cruiser will need to shop pre-owned models.

The second longest-lasting vehicle is the Toyota Sequoia. Buyers can find this model new; in fact, 2023 models might be arriving at dealerships soon. Overall, Toyota was noted as the brand that offered the longest-lasting vehicles, and buyers might simply choose to buy models from this manufacturer.

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