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What Hondas Are Made In Swindon?

By TheCarzingTeam August 19, 2019 | Car Reviews

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Honda gained popularity in the United Kingdom by the early 1960s thanks to the motor bikes imported. They started their car business in the country by the early 1972 by importing the first ever Honda civic, during these times they were going against Nissan who were ruling the car segment in UK under the Datsun name. The second Honda to enter the UK was the civics bigger brother the Honda accord during the 1976 and followed by the prelude coupes from the 1979. The cost of these vehicles where higher than the competition and they formed an alliance with the British Leyland group by 1980 to manufacture Honda designed vehicles in the factories of British Leyland group. The first vehicle manufactured under the new alliance was Triumph acclaim from 1981 onwards followed by the rover 200 series. Also during the alliance the two manufacturers worked on a collaboration project dubbed as “Project XX”. This project XX evolved into the Rover 800 series vehicles which started production from 1986.

By 1984 Honda received the permit to own manufacturing plants in United Kingdom and the search for a manufacturing plant began, the search brought Honda to swindon, there was a large air field which was abandoned but was famous for its aircraft production during the world war two eras. Honda established Honda of the UK manufacturing known locally as “HUM” as its UK subsidiary to have the plant registered to. The construction for the manufacturing lines began by the end of 1985 and completed by 1989. The Honda accord was the first vehicle to be locally manufactured by HUM at the Honda swindon plants which began by the early 1992; the accord had the same design as that of the rover 600 series with different engines. After the production of Honda accord began another manufacturing line was being constructed and finished by the end of 1993. From 1994the second line was used for the manufacturing of newly designed Honda civic, the Honda civic was based on the rover 400 series. The year 1994 was a difficult year for the Honda Swindon plants as both the vehicles manufactured by them was based on the rover series and the rover brand has been takeover by the BMW group.

The year 2000 was a special year for the HUM and Honda swindon plants as they have started exporting cars to Japan, home of Honda. Also, during this year Honda has started to manufacture a third vehicle from a newly manufactured line, the third car manufactured by Honda swindon plants was the CR-V SUV. The next year 2001 was a heavy year for the company as their locally manufactured vehicles have gained a lot of popularity and found out that it was very difficult to increase their production to supply the ever-growing demand and had to look for other ways to increase their production. This demand brought them to the second airfield that was also similar to the first one and decided to get the second plant set up on the second airfield. The foundation for the second plant was inaugurated by the mid September of 2001. There was a blow from the workers in the December of the same year as they voted to form a union and became a part of amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union. This was a blow as the next year contained many strikes to increase the hourly wage of its employees and the needs for many benefits has to be passed to continue the normal workings of the plants to ensure maximum supply .

By 2002 the demand for the Honda accord has reduced greatly such that importing them was the better option and stopped producing the Accord from the Honda swindon plants. But these lines were used to manufacture the Civic and the CR-V SUV which was having a ever increasing demand. The closure of Honda accord helped double the production of the other two vehicles and they were able to keep up with the demand in some type as. The year 2002 was also the year of the formation of European Union and the HUM director stated that the plant will remain open whether United Kingdom joins or not, this assured the job safety of the workers and also increased their satisfaction.

600 additional workers were recruited to increase the production up to 250000 cars per year. By 2008 HUM invested more than 80 million Euros for many new facilities to increase the production of parts and engine casings for its vehicles around Europe. From the mid 2009 the Honda Swindon plants started producing the Honda jazz with increase in its demands, but these increased demands were short lived as they had to stop its production by the end of 2014.september 2012 had another expansion and the total invested amount in the Honda swindon plants are nearing the 2 billion-euro marks. The new expansion was for the new models of its civic and its CR-V SUV updates. New updates from HUM on February 2019 states that the plant is set for closure by 2021 and will result to the loss of 3500+ workers. This is caused by the exit of United Kingdom from the European union. With the exit of United Kingdom from the European Union the cars exported from the United Kingdom to the rest of Europe will be taxed and will lead to the rise in cash for the vehicle expense. By closing the plant in United Kingdom and improving the ones at the rest of Europe will increase the efficiency of the production and also reduce the cost as the plants being a part of European Union means no tax from exporting any of the countries.

Given below is short information on the vehicles that was produced or is currently in production at the Honda swindon plants

  • Honda accord

They began their swindon production from 1992 and ended on 2002.

Honda accord is a series of automobiles manufactured by Honda from the 1976 as compact cars till 1989. From 1989 they upgraded the lineup to the present mid-size sedans. The accord family is in its tenth generation. And is one among the best selling Honda sedans. HUM gas manufactured the Accord from its fourth generation vehicles and halted its production at the beginning of the seventh generation updates.

  • Honda CR-V

Production at the swindon plant began from the 2000s and continued till the end of 2018

The Honda CR-V is a compact crossover SUV with seating capacity for 7. The first generation of its vehicle begins by the 1995 and is currently in its fifth generation. The swindon plants has produced almost all version of this SUV from 2000 with the first generation and ended production with fifth generation by 2018. There have been massive upgrades with each generations making the SUV much more powerful, reliable and even safer than before.

  • Honda jazz

Production at the swindon plant began from the 2009 and continued till the end of 2014

Honda jazz is a name given to many of its vehicles, some of these vehicles were known by different names in different regions. The European jazz is originally known as Honda fit in its home country. The fit is a 5-door hatchback which began production from the 2001. Only the second generation of the fit was produced in the swindon plants under the jazz name, the rest are being imported or being manufactured elsewhere around Europe.

  • Honda civic

Production at the swindon plant began from the 1994 and continued till the present

Initial the Honda Civic began production in 1972 as a subcompact car with 2-door or 3-door hatchback styles. And later moved to subcompact category with four doors by the 2000, this was achieved from the seventh generation of the vehicles onwards. The swindon plants began the production from its sixth generation of vehicles and have continued to manufacture them till the tenth-generation updates. They are also planned to continue production till the closure date that is by 2021.civic is one among the all round cars are loved by all people like due to its efficiency and handling. This car also have a special place in the tuners heats as they can be tuned to a very high power and still have the handling to match the tuned power. This has been the best selling Honda car from the beginning of its time.


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