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What is Ludicrous Mode and Which Tesla Have Ludicrous Mode?

By TheCarzingTeam July 20, 2019 | Car Reviews

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Electric cars are one of the greatest innovations in the history of the automobile sector. Tesla has come up with a series of electric cars that run on electricity.  It has reached towards the innovation of electric cars by understanding the need for such a technology in the future; keeping in mind the fact that the fossil fuels are being used extensively by the current generation and its renewability rate is declining day by day. The Tesla cars run on battery charging and provide better performance than the normal cars running on gasoline.

Tesla came up with its first electric car which runs fully on electric charging and the overall performance has been great after evaluating all the dimensions such as the engine power, mileage and the driving experience. The company is fully dedicated to manufacturing cars that will give the best performance along with a safe, relaxing and exciting driving experience without using fossil fuels.

The company is planning to make more and more cars which can provide a safe, comforting, exciting and energy efficient car driving experience. These electric cars are no doubt the solution for future generations when no fuel will be left for the people to drive gasoline cars. The brand has come up with various models providing highly benefitting features to the people. The various models of the company’s cars have the best speed abilities and provide general but very necessary features like safety, energy efficiency and comfortable driving in all the models.

Various Technologies Making Tesla Cars A Great Innovation

There are various innovative technologies involved in the creation of one of the best electric cars which in turn gives the following features:

  • Energy Storage System is a technology through which Tesla uses batteries to store energy that is used by the car to give such a good performance in place of gasoline. Tesla has used this technology in all the electric cars which give such high performance with good mileage and very quick acceleration.
  • Auto Pilot Mode: The autopilot mode in the car lets the car drive by itself. You don’t have to do anything; the car can even overtake cars in a situation of low traffic. The car needs an indicator before it overtakes. The autopilot mode is great for travelling long distances on highways.
  • Ludicrous Mode: After the software update announcement by Tesla, everyone asked questions like what difference the update can bring to the electric cars of Tesla and what is ludicrous mode?  This high-performance mode in many of the models provides an instant acceleration of 60 mph in less than three seconds. The performance mode has become very popular due to the fact it makes the car faster than many of the current sports cars.
  • Dashboard camera: The dash cam option in the car can record the previous 10 minutes for you. You have to insert a storage drive in which the dashboard camera will save the footage. The camera footage can be of great help in various situations.
  • Auto Park: Tesla offers another very important feature which is the auto park feature which helps the car to park itself at a chosen place very easily. The auto park feature is one of the best parts of autopilot control.

The Ludicrous Mode Is Offering Some Serious Speed to The Tesla Cars

The ludicrous mode in the Tesla cars is a technology which provides the Tesla cars, an acceleration of 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds. The company has come up with this acceleration mode which makes the electric cars even more appealing. The ludicrous mode of the car starts to work by pressing the ludicrous+ button after which it accelerates at an even faster rate.

The electronics upgrade and the battery of the latest model of Tesla cars have led to the update of the ludicrous mode which provides an all total flying in the sky like experience. The time taken by the ludicrous mode facilitated cars is approximately 10 % lesser than the other models which don’t have the insane ludicrous mode.

The electric car has broken all the records of acceleration with the lightning fast ludicrous mode. The ludicrous mode is one of the best technological innovations in the history of cars.

Models of Tesla Having Ludicrous Mode

If you ask which Tesla have ludicrous mode? The answers are:  the following models of the Tesla cars that have a ludicrous mode which in turn provides a bullet speed acceleration:

  1. Model S P90D: This particular model of Tesla has gained a lot of popularity because of the feature of ludicrous mode in the car. The car has a lot of unique features which make the car one of the best creations of Tesla. The model has the following features:
  • Autopilot: This automatic control mode comes with an extra touch. The autopilot mode of Tesla can control the driving by itself by sensing the distance between cars and also keeps you in a single lane by sensing the white lines. The extra touch of this feature in this model is that the car can change the lane and overtake a car for you in slow traffic.
  • Lightning fast acceleration with the ludicrous mode: The ludicrous mode of the car is providing a very lightning acceleration performance of 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 2.4 seconds. The ludicrous mode can be turned on by a button in the control option. The ludicrous mode is also very smooth. There is no jerk or wheel-spin, the lightning fast acceleration is initiated effortlessly by the car. You only have to release the brake following which you are all set to fly.
  • Safety Features: The Model S does not just concentrate on giving the best acceleration, but also concentrates on the safety features that such a high-performance car demands. The model gives impact protection on the front and the side ends, providing some serious strength to the car.
  • Camera and Censors: The model has cameras on all the ends to provide the best 360o  views. The dashboard camera feature of the Tesla cars is providing an extra touch to the camera feature of the car. The model has sensors which can detect any potential contact with some vehicle or object in and around the car.


  1. Model X: This is the latest 2019 model of Tesla and is an SUV which can carry seven people in a lightning fast car which can give you goosebumps. This model is all set to provide one of the best performances, in fact, better than the sedan Model S. The model is about to introduce the ludicrous mode, after which the acceleration of the car will skyrocket to a speed of 0 to 60 mph in just 2.7 seconds. This model of Tesla has the following features:
  • Interiors: The model provides a very stylish interior consisting of enough space to carry seven people very comfortably. All the controls related to the car are built around the driver which makes all the controls easily accessible. Also, the controls of the car become even more accessible due to the full touchscreen feature.
  • Acceleration: The upcoming ludicrous mode on Model X has made the acceleration feature the best among all the SUV’S. The SUV can hit a speed of 0 to 90 miles per hour in just 2.7 seconds. The top speed of the model is expected to be somewhat near 325 miles per hour.
  • Fast Recharge: This model of Tesla can recharge your electric car up to 115 miles in just 15 minutes. You can go to any supercharger location available and easily charge the car for 115 miles and travel unstoppable.

The ludicrous mode has brought great innovation through both these models. The ludicrous mode is installed as an update in the models and can be activated from the control menu easily.

Working Out Closely with Tesla’s Ludicrous Mode Update

A closer view of the Tesla’s ludicrous update will tell you a lot of things about this particular innovation. This mode provides such fast acceleration that the time taken by the car to accelerate to 60 mph is less than the time need to break the speed barrier.

The ludicrous mode takes a few seconds to come into effect. First, you have to press the ludicrous button and accept the warning which appears on the screen. This will lead to the warming up of the battery and cooling down of the motor. Following this, the launch mode is activated and then the driver releases the brakes and forces the accelerator which makes the car travel at 30 mph in just 0.87 seconds at an acceleration of 1.14 g.

At 1.76 seconds the car is already moving at a bullet speed with the acceleration of 1g and 51 mph. Finally, when 2.8 seconds comes, the car touches the speed of 60 miles per hour.

People have loved the ludicrous mode in the Tesla cars and that is why Tesla has grown its popularity in recent years.

Ludicrous Mode and Its Price

There is no doubt that ludicrous mode is one of the greatest innovation in electric cars. But is the price of this software upgrade worth the acceleration it provides? People have loved this mode and the models having ludicrous mode have had an amazing response. The fact that the Tesla cars can reach such an acceleration speed without having any safety issues, jerk or spinning wheels is the best thing about the ludicrous mode. Also, due to this software upgrade, the acceleration of the Tesla cars has beaten the acceleration speeds of Lamborghini and Ferrari.

Ludicrous mode asks for a price of $10000 for a car which is no doubt a large amount of money. But the benefits that this software upgrade provides, is not given by every other sports car. You usually hit the automobile marketplace and get modifications done for your car for increasing their performance which in turn requires you to install various parts like air filters and large turbos to be able to provide that enhancement in the performance. In this case, the ludicrous mode is a winner. It is just a software update which can provide you with that bullet speed acceleration. After the coming up of ludicrous mode, people often ask which Tesla have ludicrous mode?

Ludicrous Mode Says Hello to The Future

No one had ever thought of an innovation which would give a speed of 60 mph in 2.4 seconds. The acceleration that is achieved after this performance is faster than the acceleration one achieves while falling. This is something out of the world. The Tesla cars have changed the parameters of judging a car.

One more reason, for regarding the Tesla cars as the car of the future, is the substance on which the cars can run, i.e. battery power which is the only option which can be considered for the future after seeing to the reduced levels of available gasoline all around the world.

The Tesla cars provide every possible feature for making the electric cars a super comfortable and a safe car which can give the most thrilling driving experience to everyone. The ludicrous mode is like a beast mode, which is hard to beat.

With the Model S and the Model X of the Tesla cars having ludicrous mode, these two models have become unbeatable in terms of speeding abilities. Every part of the car has been designed;  keeping in mind the fact that ludicrous mode software update will carry the car at bullet speed and the acceleration which is faster than falling. All the parts of the car are tested to work well in high accelerating condition, which is the only reason about the success stories of the ludicrous mode. Many people often question what the benefit of ludicrous mode is? and what is ludicrous mode? The answer to the question lies in the experience that one gets after driving the insane, ludicrous mode enabled car when it takes you on an insane and thrilling ride by crossing 60 mph in less than 3 seconds.

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