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Which are the 10 Least Expensive Mercedes-Benz Models for 2019?

By TheCarzingTeam July 17, 2019 | Car Reviews

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Cars are a drive away element for people and dreams for many people across the world. Be the owner of a luxury car and drive it among the people reproduces some kind of happiness as well as confidence in the accomplishment you have made. Forthwith, Mercedes-Benz is the luxurious as well as affordable to the common people who dreams about the purchase of an expensive-fashionable one. 10 Least Expensive Mercedes-Benz Models for 2019 include the lists of

  • Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class Coupe,
  • Mercedes-Benz B-Class,
  • Mercedes-Benz A-Class,
  • Mercedes-Benz GLC,
  • Mercedes-Benz GLE,
  • Mercedes-Benz GLA,
  • Mercedes-Benz E-Class,
  • Mercedes-Benz C-Class,
  • Mercedes-Benz GLB and
  • Mercedes-Benz GLA 45 AMG.

The standard quality of the Mercedes-Benz products does not fall in any model, as there is only variance in the facilities that are attached into it. From the lowest rate to the highest one, the size, the features do vary but never on the expensive nature and appearance as it has made use of the high quality raw materials for the manufacturing of the cars.

The money the customer would invest in the purchase would definitely reflect in the product of the consumer. There would not arise a situation where the viewers need to ask you about the model and the expensive you would have spent in acquiring the item at hand, as the style and appearance would speak for itself.


Why would one go for the purchase of Mercedes-Benz among all its competitors? 

The reason why would one opt for the purchase of Mercedes-Benz among all its competitors in the market is that there are many models that are available which can be bought in accordance to the availability of the budget. The consideration before the buying would definitely consist of the factors such like that of the number of people who would usually need to travel, the frequency of requirements, how long would the driving may generally involve, the fuel support and the rate would be manageable to the buyer, the mileage of the car, air conditioner, the comfort of the seats etc.

Another important thing that one would keep in mind is that the height of the purchaser who would be driving the car and the height of the vehicle and the arrangement of the seat. Short people cannot take up the bigger vehicles, as when the person sit in the seat, they would not be able to see the road. In addition, this would lead to have accidents. There is the facility offered to change the settings and arrangements of the driving seat, but it would only be helpful for a short drive. For the purpose of long drive, it would not help and the result would be back pain. Spinal and vertebrae issues may arise inconsequential to the repeated drive. However, for tall people, it is not a matter. They would better prefer bigger cars than the normal ones.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

The range of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class starts at 27.86 Lakhs with the mileage of 15.5 to 18.5 kilo meter per liter. The function of engine is based on the capacity of 1595 to 2143 cc. The models that come under the A-Class are A 180 and a 200d with respective changes in the characteristics. The manufacturing of the model is on the foreground colors of Cirrus White, Elba it Green, Jupiter Red and Polar Silver. The demand of the customers also follows the same sequence. This model to work on petrol and diesel in the consecutive models as mentioned-above.

Mercedes-Benz B-Class

Mercedes-Benz B-Class is a car that which starts its cost from 31 lakhs with the mileage of 14.8-kilo meter per liter. There are the options of B 180 as well as B 200 Sport cars with petrol and diesel usage respectively. The engine operation stands between 1595 to 2143 cc. The cars sold in the following color choices, Jupiter Red, Cirrus White, Polar Silver Metallic and Mountain Grey. Petrol supports the engine of this car to function upon. Another feature that attracts the customer into this model is that low is the consumption of fuel as well as the emission it concerns. The headlights perform a high quality in its use as it operates on the LED. There is also the presence of a black colored trim strip in front of the bumper. The mirror of the car is presented with the support of black housing. Comfort package is the benefit the customer of Mercedes-Benz B-Class would enjoy. The rare characteristic of panoramic sunroof is also attributed into this model of Benz. As it is the world where you cannot get away with your smart phone, here we are presenting you with the facility of smart phone integration with the car system to make you maximum comfortable while in the car.

Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class Coupe

Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class Coupe occupies the bottom of among the affordable ones in matters concerning the price of the car. Even though the cost of the product is the least one, it does not compromise on the quality of the standard it has. Highly advanced technology has been adopted and safety measures are always at ready-hand. The features of the car comprise of the adventure feeling while driving made possible with the sharp turning mode of operation of handling. The seating arrangement is made for five people. The expensive touch is clearly visible from the first look itself as it is Mercedes-Benz. The price begins from 31.72 lakhs onwards.

Mercedes-Benz GLA

The rate for Mercedes-Benz GLA begins with 32.33 Lakhs and varies with respect to the features the customer would need from the provided options. There is diesel as well as petrol demanding model there that which requires the payment necessitates with respect to the choice. The five variance of the model are 200d style that which needs diesel with the cost of 32.33 lakhs. This is the least expensive among the group. It is followed by 200 Sport with the requirement of diesel amounting 34.38 lakhs. Next come Urban Edition with 34.84 lakhs that which is necessary of petrol. 200d sport follows in line with diesel supporter with 35.64 lakhs in cost. The last but the expensive in the category is 200d 4MATIC with the cost of 38.64 in demand of diesel. The mileage of the vehicle lies between 13.7 to 17.9 kilo meters per liter. The sold out colors or rather the favorable color of the model are Polar Silver Metallic, Jupiter Red, Mountain Grey Metallic, Cirrus White, Canyon Beige Metallic and Cosmos Black. The mileage varies from the petrol one to the diesel one as it would take you 13.7 and 17.9 respectively.

Mercedes-Benz GLB

40 Lakhs is the minimum amount a customer needs to have in order to acquire the Mercedes-Benz GLB model. It is going to be the first SUV car in the market. There is the option of five or seven layouts for the interior seats in the vehicle in accordance with the choice of the customer and their requirement. One of the distinguishing features that have been introduced in this model is the side window airbag for the purpose of protection of the passengers as part of extra security measures who are traveling in it. Being the genre of the car is off-road; this particular car is disposed into adventure trips rather than general use. As the purchaser would undertake all the adventures with this Benz, all possible kinds of protection to the lives and safety and security measures are incorporated with high quality materials so that it do not fail them whenever necessary. Security from the side impact is the main concern the manufacturers have focused on.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Mercedes-Benz C-Class begins with 40.2 lakhs in rate with the mileage of 12.06-kilo meters per liter. The 200d model demands diesel and 40.2 lakhs and stand as the least expensive in the category whereas 200 progressive needs petrol and it costs 43.47 lakhs in cash. The following models are 200d progressive, which engages the vehicle with the fuel diesel and thereby demands 44.47 for the features it offer. The last production under the same model is 300d AMG line that which requires paying 48.74 lakhs for a diesel supporter. The manufacturing of this model is only in the following colors. They are, Polar White, Mojave Silver, Obsidian Black, and Selenite Grey, Cava site Blue, Design Hyacinth Red, Graphite Grey, Brilliant Blue, Design Diamond White and Design Selenite Grey.

Mercedes-Benz GLC

52.08 Lakhs onwards is the cost-range of the model Mercedes-Benz GLC. The engine operation facilitates the functions in accordance to the work of 1991 to 2143. There are three styles within the model, that are 220d prime, 220d progressive, 300 progressive and the expense on the purchase also varies in the increasing rate respectively. 220d prime and 220d progressive are accustomed to diesel and 300 progressive is used to petrol model. There are wide varieties of color variations available for this model in comparison to others in the market. The favorable colors are, Obsidian Black, Iridium Silver, Citrine Brown, Diamond White Bright, and Hyacinth Red Metallic, Cava site Blue, Selenite Grey, Polar White and Design Hyacinth Red.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

57.5 Lakhs onwards the range of Mercedes-Benz E-Class starts. This model is accredited with many features like that of wireless charging rear, rear touchscreen, widescreen cockpit, bur ester surround sound, rear reclining seats, pedestrian protection with active bonnet and dynamic select. There are varied color options offered to the customers such as Cava site Blue, Obsidian Black, Iridium Silver, Citrine Brown, Selenite Grey with metallic paint and Polar White with non-metallic one. The engine operation would vary depending on the styles of 200, 200d and 350d models. Touch screen and wireless charging are the major characteristics that make this model of Benz admirable. Larger are the wheels and stronger is the wheel support to the product manufacture.

Mercedes-Benz GLE

Mercedes-Benz GLE begins its rate from 67.15 Lakhs onwards with the color combination of Obsidian Black, Tenerife Grey, and Citrine Brown, Cava site Blue, Iridium Silver and Polar White. Both petrol and diesel model cars are there that which demands price in the inverse way. The three styles within the model that operate are 250d, 350d, 400 4MATIC that demands the fuel of diesel, diesel and petrol consecutively to function the engine in the range of approximate 2143 to 3996 cc. Strong is the wheel support system in this model where the selection of the alloy system is dealt with the purchasers themselves as there are many options MB 5-twin-spoke wheel, MB 5-spoke wheel in and MB 7-spoke wheel in Himalayan Grey and MB 10-spoke wheel in matt black and palladium silver options. 5-twin-spoke wheel and 7-spoke wheel are 19 inch in size whereas the rest are 20 inch per wheel. There is a sense of confidence that provide by the driving in this Benz model as it offers a whole different feeling attached to it by and through the model it has made structure of.

MercedesBenz GLA 45 AMG

Mercedes-Benz GLA 45 AMG starts its rate from 77.85 lakhs. The colors that are available are Jupiter Red, Cirrus White and Obsidian Black. The mileage of the car is 12.33-kilo meters per liter. It is a petrol-supported car. The maximum capacity of the tank to contain its fuel is fifty liters at a time. The engine replacement operation is of 1991 cc. The characteristics of the vehicle are driver-seat airbag, passenger airbag, anti-lock breaking system, automatic climate control, multi-functioning steering wheel, power steering, air conditioner, alloy wheels and power windows front. It is multi disk clutch and AWD drive type. This particular model of Benz is known rather featured for extra smooth in drive inconsequential to the attributes it has acquired in possession. Similarly, refined are the characteristics and mode of operation with the assistance of advanced technology in use. Another feature of the Mercedes-Benz GLA 45 AMG is the incorporation of electrically folding mirrors in service so that the glassed need not open to change the angle of the mirrors that are there in it.

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