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Who Makes the Best Diesel Engine?

By TheCarzingTeam January 21, 2022 | Car Reviews

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Car buyers who need to tow or haul heavy loads may gravitate towards diesel pickup trucks or SUVs, because a diesel engine offers more power than the standard gasoline-powered engine.

While both types of fuel act as the catalyst within the ‘fuel-injected’ engine, the mechanics of these engines are different. Here’s what buyers need to know about the history of diesel power, including who makes the best diesel engine.

Who Makes the Best Diesel Engine

The Difference between Diesel and Gasoline Powered Engines

The fuel-injected engine can be powered by either diesel fuel or standard gasoline. However, engines powered by diesel combust differently than engines that are powered by gasoline. The combustion within the engine is what provides the power to the vehicle.

With the standard gasoline-injected engine, fuel mingles with air and then becomes compressed via the pistons. When the mixture of air and fuel is compressed, it’s then combusted (or ignited) by the spark plugs. This is how the car comes to life, and the process happens so quickly that drivers typically take it for granted. That is, until something goes awry in the mechanics and the engine fails to turn over or start!

The diesel engine derives its name from its inventor, Rudolf Diesel, who wanted to design a more efficient engine. This type of engine also is a fuel-injected engine, but the combustion happens differently. With a diesel engine, the air is compressed first. Then the diesel mixes with the compressed air. The two mingle, they instantly combust and the engine powers on. 

The reaction between the compressed warm air and the diesel fuel is more powerful than when the air and fuel mix together and then become compressed. This is the reason why diesel engines offer more brute strength than their gas guzzling counterparts.

Is a Diesel Engine Better Than a Standard Fuel-Injected Engine?

The typical car shopper might wonder if a diesel engine is the better engine. A diesel engine offers more power, and this means it is the better choice for buyers who need a car that can pull or haul heavier loads. Some buyers also may prefer diesel engines, because the cost of diesel can be lower than standard gasoline. Some diesel engine powered vehicles also could offer better fuel efficiency. 

For individuals shopping for a standard car for commutes or daily city driving, a diesel engine may not be a good choice. The diesel engine’s power is what makes it the preference for SUVs and heavier trucks, and drivers may specifically gravitate towards the diesel option for these types of vehicles because they have a boat or small camper that they need to tow. 

However, a diesel engine won’t drive better on a highway or in the city. While a car owner could enjoy some savings at the pump when diesel prices are lower, the price of any fuel is dependent on supply and demand. Diesel fuel won’t always be lower than standard gasoline. Sometimes it may be more expensive.

If a car buyer is looking at a diesel engine for better gas mileage, there may be more efficient options than this type of engine. For example, electric cars and hybrids are extremely energy efficient.

Who Makes the Best Diesel Engine

Who Makes the Best Diesel Engine?

Those who do require the power of a diesel engine may wonder who makes the best diesel engine. Is one manufacturer better than another? 

Diesel engines are, again, most commonly selected for large trucks and SUVs. When looking for the best diesel engine, buyers may focus on specs for the vehicle related to the power the engine provides. The most powerful engines can tow and haul the heaviest loads, and these are the numbers that buyers may focus their research on.

What are the best diesel engines? Here’s how the manufacturers stack up for pickup trucks and SUVs.

The Best Diesel Powered Truck

The Ford F-Series always ranks on top for truck models. Across all models—the ½ ton, the ¾ ton and the full ton—the F-Series is the most popular truck on the market. Despite the popularity, it might be bested by another diesel competitor!

The Super Duty is Ford’s largest pickup; it is offered in multiple models. The Super Duty F-450 XL is the largest and most powerful in the lineup. The F-450 features a 6.7 liter Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel engine with 475 horsepower. The F-450 can tow 36,400 pounds (with a fifth wheel). 

In comparison, the Ram 3500 is the largest available truck in its lineup. The Ram 3500 features a 6.7L High-Output Cummins® Turbo Diesel engine and can tow up to 37,090 pounds.

The Best Diesel Powered SUV

When ranking the top diesel SUVs, Jeep, Ram, GMC and even a few luxury models make the list. Buyers might have their own preferences beyond towing or hauling. 

Some buyers are Jeep enthusiasts and are loyal to the brand. The Jeep Wrangler can be equipped with a 3 liter Ecodiesel engine, which allows it to tow up to 3,500 pounds.

The Mercedes-Benz GL 350 was ranked by Shift as the best diesel SUV for towing. This SUV also is a luxury option, which may be a must for some buyers. The model can pull 7,500 pounds, and it is quite capable of towing a small camper or even a boat.

The GMC 2021 Yukon might take the top spot for SUVs. The Yukon offers a 3.0 liter Turbo Diesel engine and offers a towing capacity of 8,100 pounds. While this engine isn’t nearly as powerful as the massive pickup trucks offered by Ford and Chevrolet, the Yukon is more than capable of towing a boat or a camper. It also offers plenty of cargo space and seating for families.

Finding the Best Diesel Engine for the Budget

Shoppers can use Carzing to find the best diesel engine pickup truck or SUV for their budget. Carzing’s easy search query tool lets buyers find cars based on price, make/model, body type or just using specific keywords.

For buyers who have a specific budget criteria for their new vehicle, search by price first. Once the tool pulls up the list of available vehicles, shoppers can further narrow down their search by using the toolbar to the left of their results.

The tool bar lets buyers select additional specifications for their vehicle. Choose to view only used or new models. In addition, select from must-have equipment options like backup cameras, entertainment features or navigation systems. This toolbar also allows for buyers to select their preferred fuel type, too.

After all the criteria have been selected, buyers also can choose to sort their results. Carzing gives buyers the choice to sort by price, mileage, distance, age or just view the best matches.

Once the perfect vehicle has been discovered, buyers also can use Carzing to get prequalified for financing. This step doesn’t require buyers to enter a social security number, but buyers will need to enter some basic data.

Carzing enables buyers to see different financing options. Choose the financing that fits the budget and the buyer’s own comfort. Loan terms can vary, and some buyers may prefer longer terms as they may offer lower monthly payments. However, Carzing lets buyers remain in control and compare and review different financing options.

When the buyer has selected their financing, they can print out the details to bring to a participating dealership. Carzing lets the buyer do the research and handle most of the details from home. At the dealership, the buyer can complete the credit application. The dealership visit also is the time to take the car for a test drive and make sure it really is the best choice.

With Carzing, car shopping is easy and the search for the best diesel pickup truck or SUV is just a matter of clicking and scrolling. Buyers always remain in charge of the process. They can take as much time as they need to find their ideal vehicle. Who makes the best diesel engine depends on each buyer, but Carzing can help every buyer find the best car for their needs and their finances.

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