Everything you need to know about Car Loans

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What is a Car Loan, And How Does It Work?

A Car Loan can be extremely useful for those who are looking forward to buying a car but are unable to do so because of budget restrictions. It is a monetary resource which allows you to purchase a car. A Car Loan is essentially where the moneylender or the lending institution issues a specific amount of cash to the borrower. Usually, the loan lenders pay a certain percentage of the total amount of the car, such as 80%. So, the remaining amount is borne by the borrower. In order to loan the amount, the bank or financial institution asks for an additional amount which is paid with the EMIs. This is called Interest. This way, the borrower would repay a specific amount each month until the entire amount is paid for. The borrower is supposed to give a certain fixed amount to the moneylender in addition to the interest, failing to do which would result in penalties and charges being added to the payment. After multiple payment failures, the loan lender would take possession of the vehicle.

Are there any additional expenses?

Usually, the charges for documentation or for transferring the amount to the borrower’s account, are paid by the borrower, which could be a few percent’s of the total amount. Before taking any loan, you must know if there are any other charges besides these.

What makes up the cost of the Car Loan?

The cost of the loan: The cost of the car loan is determined by the principal amount which is the key amount (full loan amount) in addition to the interest. The interest amount varies for every kind of lender, but more on that later on. The interest amount is on top of the loan amount and is added to the principle which is collected in the entire lifetime of the loan. Sometimes, there is also a financial cost involved for a specific time frame, say, a year or so.

Upfront Payment: This payment is a kind of assurance which is required by the lending institution or the bank and it is a lawful prerequisite. It is usually told to the person requiring the loan, by the bank or the lending institution that they would be requiring a certain amount as an upfront portion.

Rules and Documentation: It’s perfectly reasonable to read all the documents provided to you, even if it takes a while to do so. The documentation includes a list of things which include the loan. It also states the duration of the loan, the monthly instalments that you should pay, the late payment charges, insurance, and other protection required apart from upkeep necessities. There are tons of schemes which are in accordance with the budget of the borrower. Likewise, the credit score of the borrower also has a huge impact on the pricing of the car loan. A Good Credit Score will lead you to a cheaper loan while a bad one might do the opposite.

These are all the basics of a car loan. Before choosing the car loan, ensure that you ask your lender about deals and discounts and use the most suitable option.

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