Finding the Answer to Why Used Cars So Expensive?

By TheCarzingTeam, June 10, 2019 | Opinion

Many people prefer buying used cars more than new cars. Don’t they care why used cars are so expensive?  There are a variety of reasons for that. First of all, it’s a personal preference. Moreover, there are several advantages to buying a used car.  Many people have a great collection of cars, and you should not be surprised by the fact that most of these cars are used and are not new. You never know what a person likes in cars. People tend to see various things when they are going for buying a car. People tend to compare a lot; the comparison is not just related to the price but many other personal likes and specifications.

What are the reasons why people like to buy used cars irrespective of its price?

Used cars don’t mean that the car has been used to its full potential and is not effective anymore. There are used cars which can be a great deal for you. Let’s look at some reasons people prefer used cars over new cars:

  • You can get great deals in used cars that can clear any doubts about the car you wanted to buy, but you were not fully sure because you did not trust its potential. But when you find that car for sale and it has already been used, you can clear your doubts about the car by looking at the past performance of the car, its condition and also by discussing your doubts with the owner of the car. You may find out that the car had given amazing mileage over time it has been used or you may end up knowing about some additional feature of that car which you did not know earlier.
  • You may also find some good cars available for sale at a used car shop with some additional modifications which can seriously make you like that car instantly. This tends to happen in many cases. People find cars that have been modified and this has increased its beauty and also many of the specifications may have become a better version as compared to the new car which is available in the showroom.
  • There can be changes in the exterior portion of the car because it looks more beautiful now. It can also be seating management which really has been improved in terms of comfort or look or it can be an amazing and high-quality music system that is now available in the car which would not have been available in the new version of the car.
  • You may not be sure about a variety of other things in the car you like, such as the service facilities of the car or the effectiveness of the music system or the air-conditioner of the car. The used version of the car can answer all your questions related to these doubts.

What are the special cases in which these used cars are sold at expensive rates?

Following are the answers to the question of why used cars are so expensive?

  • The cars may include some beautiful and attractive exterior body changes that have added to the beauty of the car. So in such case, the car’s price is fully justified.
  • The used car may have some expensive and high-quality music system that may be rarely available in the market. In this case, also the high price of the used car is justified.
  • The car may have some video feature or video screen attached now, which has increased the value of the car further.
  • The abilities of the used version of the car may have been altered for special purposes like racing or for long route adventure or thrill driving. There may be modifications in the wheels or any other part of the car which can enhance the car’s performance.
  • In many cases, there are modifications like a sunroof, camera attachment, lighting modifications or some other accessibility attachments being installed in the cars which may have increased its value.
  • Also, there are cases where the particular used car you have enquired about,  is of higher value just because it was previously owned by some special or VIP people like some celebrity, some athlete or some other public figure. Such cars often are sold in auctions and have high value just because some important person has driven the car.
  • There are used cars which may have been used in some race tournament or some other important event. These cars are considered special and valuable and thus are priced a little higher and thus gives the justification of the question of why used cars are so expensive?

What is the reason some used cars are sold at high prices at auctions?

The cars which are sold at auctions are not normally available cars which you can get at any used car shop. There are a few vintage cars that have been very carefully maintained and are in a good working condition until now. These cars are usually very rare because other similar cars are not available now or anymore. Often these cars have increased value because of their rarity and because of the reason that the same vintage look cars are no longer manufactured.

Although there are a lot of conditions in making the vintage used cars of high value, the vintage car should necessarily be in a working condition. The car should not have any damage marks or scratches. Also, a very important condition is that such vintage cars are of high value as long as they are not modified too much. The cars should carry and display their originality. Once if all these conditions are met, there are many people dying to have these vintage used cars in their collection garage.

So a lot of factors are involved in deciding the price of used cars. It’s not that the used cars are expensive unnecessarily, there is some additional factor which perfectly justifies the question of why used cars are so expensive?

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