It Isn’t Prudent to Buy Used Car Without Test Drive

By TheCarzingTeam, May 23, 2019 | Opinion

Are you planning on purchasing a car? That’s wonderful news. With the prospect of buying a used car, the implication of searching for the right one also makes the rounds. As such, the buyer consistently initiates reviews of every car in the market from the best-known automobile online sites. People visit the maximum number of stores and compare the cars according to their budget and other pre-requisites. They consult friends and acquaintances that have the slightest idea of the automobile industry or own a car. Based on their research and their budget; they come to the basic conclusion of whether to buy a new car or go with a used car. When you have decided, you may opt for buying a used car. The article will focus comprehensively on whether to buy a used car without a test drive or if a test drive necessary before purchasing.

Be Acquainted with a Test-Drive

A test drive of an automobile as the name hints refers to taking a test by driving the automobile. The basic objective is to assess:

  1. Drivability– It is the test to ascertain how drivable the automobile is
  2. Roadworthiness– Whether the automobile meets the acceptable standards
  3. Evaluation- Complete consideration of the vehicle for the first time
  4. Suitability- Determines vehicle’s fitness and review the driving style
  5.  The general operating state of the automobile
  6. For used cars- It refers to the examination of the whole automobile and making sure if any repair works or automobile concerns need to checked

A test drive lets the buyer have a full inspection of the car; so it is recommended by every sensible automobile expert. Both new as well as resale cars require checking of ample things but with used cars, the buyer needs to be even more cautious. The reason is quite evident that the car has already been used for a certain period of time and the car must have definitely gone through wear and tear of some kind. So, do not move ahead in buying a used car without a test drive. Below is the checklist to use when going for a test- drive.

Checklist to remember

Hopefully, you have shortlisted your desired car in accordance with your budget, features, and other specifications. If your model and variant are determined, first of all, make sure to do the physical inspection of the automobile. There is an extensive list to go through when going for a test drive of a used car:-

  • Drive a similar model: It is suggested for the purchaser to test drive beforehand a model of the same car of particularly the same year. This will provide a rough idea of how the drivability of the car is. When the comfort, braking, and acceleration are known; you will be in a better position to compare a similar car.
  • Physical Check: An automobile can be physically checked by the naked eye. If the model has dents, accidental marks, or repairs there are chances that it can be examined from the exterior. The bonnet, engine, fluid levels, gearbox, mirrors, etc. are body parts that can be examined by the buyer. Any visible defects can be pointed out to the owner  and a deal can be made to resolve them further
  • Ignition says a lot: Starting the ignition gives a fair idea about the car. If you have owned a car or know how to drive, you can surely figure out any major problems by just turning the keys. Check there is no external sound from the engine or any part of the cabin. Press the accelerator and get an idea about any rattling noise or abrupt vibration. If you are a new driver, maybe you will not be able to denote the faults but any major noises are noticeable.
  • Select your route: Generally, the pre-owned dealership and few owners avoid long test drives to the buyer. But having a proper test drive is necessary. Many agents even try to convince the purchaser to buy a used car without a test drive but keep focused and be sure to pick a longer route and drive the car in and away from traffic areas. The usage of clutch, brake, gear-shifts, and acceleration in congested conditions tests the car more satisfactorily.
  • Windows and AC: The windows may be powered or manual and it is suggested to check by putting the windows down and up several times. The working of the windows will be checked and if any undue differences are there, it can be checked with ease. AC is significant for any car and tapping it on or off can check its working performance. Moreover, any alteration in the fan speed can be noticed when utilized for a few minutes.
  • Steer functioning: Turn capability of the car and comfort when steering can be found out when driving for on a longer test drive in and away from traffic. A U-turn or slow turn is enough for even a novice to figure out if or how it is working.
  • Take your friends alongside: No matter how good a driver or driving judge you might be, there are things that the co-passengers can notice very well. Moreover having the car fully loaded helps in knowing the suspensions both front and rear. Driving on bumps and potholes is a great way to check the performance of the car when completely full. Other features can be pointed out by the members alongside.
  • Test the brakes: Brake assembly is as significant as acceleration and gear system. Using brakes gives the perfect idea about the brake pads, vibrations, drifting of the car, and effectiveness of the braking system. It is always suggested to check them because, in the long run, they are the most needed part.
  • Final inspection: Even the experts at times are not able to point out the actual performance of the car. It is always suggested that after a self-test drive, the keys must be handed over to a trusted mechanic. They are the professionals who truly list out any defects in the performance as well as any discrepancies in the working of body parts. The owner will generally not have any problem if the car is trouble-free. The final inspection by the mechanic and their final words make a huge difference in the buyer’s mind.

After reading the whole article, it is difficult to buy a used car without a test drive; hope you also feel the same way. So be sure to have a clear picture of the automobile before investing your well-saved money. After having a test drive and getting clear indications that your buy is valued right, we believe you have found the right car. Big Congratulations on driving it back home.

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