Has Tesla Really changed the Way We Look At Electric Cars?

By TheCarzingTeam, March 15, 2019 | Opinion


In all honesty, Electric cars were far from appealing, almost a decade ago. The really compact size and unattractive built design drove people away from them. Sure, they were extremely cheap and affordable but people needed more than that. While buying a vehicle, people need comfortable seating, extensive technological features and ease of driving apart from a really stylish look. Enter Tesla.

While it didn’t exactly come up with affordable yet classy cars up until recently, their journey has been quite interesting, to say the least. While experimenting with economical rides, Tesla came up with the “Roadster”, which can be called the electric supercar. It still claims to be the quickest car with the choicest features. After the introduction of this beauty, it was clear that electric cars held a lot of potential and with the right amount of change; it could revolutionize the entire industry. The brand, then, came up with not one, but three more delightful cars packed with equally enticing features. Since then, the brand has seen record-breaking sales. People are a lot more open to buying electric cars now than they were before. In fact, you can see them on the streets every now and then.

The thing with electric cars, in general, is the cost involved. While they may be significantly cheaper in terms of the electricity consumed to run them and the upkeep, they’re definitely on the expensive side to be considered a genuinely affordable means of transport. Even though they have an exceptionally sturdy built, the pricing doesn’t seem quite right, especially for those who are on a budget. With the introduction of budget-friendly variants, the market would definitely see some drastic changes.

The Future of Tesla and Electric Cars

Presently, these vehicles are definitely not reasonable in the long haul. People are paying huge chunks of money but are getting a lot less than they deserve. Another factor is the electricity which is used to drive these vehicles. The power needs to originate from someplace and there are critical losses en route. This means that while people might be assuming that they’re working towards saving the environment, the opposite has been happening. While Tesla did come up with some pretty exciting features, there’s still a lot to be accomplished.

Another interesting factor is the resale value of these cars. There are a large number of people who are willing to buy second-hand cars for almost 75% of the total market price of the car, regardless of how much it has been used. There are not many cars which can be sold at such a price despite being used. This portrays how much people want to own an electric car but are unable to possess one because of the costs involved with it. If Tesla continues to make such cars with lower pricing, it’s possible that it would see a large number of sales in the future. Overall, it’s safe to say that Tesla has truly revolutionized the industry. However, with another further set of innovations, they can jump on the bandwagon to success.

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