Things to Have an Eye on When You Buy Used Convertible

By TheCarzingTeam, May 16, 2019 | Opinion

Are you thinking of buying a convertible? Are you up for a pre-used one as well? Then there are some things that you should check and look for before you approve your choice and sign a big fat cheque.

Since you will be signing up for a used car, there are some things that the seller would want you to ignore and just sell you the car anyway. However, you need to play smart and have an entire list prepared so that it gets easy for you to check on all the required details and you don’t waste your hard earned money on something you might regret later.

  • For starters, when you go to buy a used convertible, the car, of course, should have a safe and clean history, with no accidents or fatal incidents. The to-be owners should check if the car has a fine service history and has been used without being damaged in any way.
  • There are some features that are found only in convertibles which need to be checked on a priority basis. Such as the roof system, this feature is not found in all the cars and its proper functioning needs to be checked. You should see what material the roof is made of and in what condition is it presently. Check if the roof is made of fabric and if it is, then the canvas doesn’t have any holes or tears. Also, take a good look on the inside of the roof as well where it covers the cabin to make sure it looks fine and there are no visible water leakages.
  • If your ‘to be car’ has a folding roof, operate it properly to check if it’s working fine and doesn’t have hiccups while it’s moving. You should also check if the folding roof makes any noise and or any unusual sound.  Check for wear and tear on the folds. L
  • A proper functioning roof will not make any weird noises while folding and unfolding. The movement would be pretty smooth and would easily move upwards or get back down without taking a long while to perform so. Whether the roof is automatic or manual, the functioning should be smooth and take place without any fuss.
  • If you are about to have a convertible for the first time, you should know that their interiors are not properly insulated. Be it a soft roof or a hard one, listening to soft rattling sounds inside is quite normal. This especially happens if the car is going on a rough surface.
  • Make sure to check if the roof of your convertible is free from any leaks. The dealer may claim to have put the car for wash already, but get it washed or checked in front of you to make that the car’s roof is actually waterproof. Check that even a few drops have not come down in the cabin. Check for a mouldy smell inside the interior – that means leaks.
  • If the convertible you have an eye on has some things to be repaired or replaced, get it done quick and take the ‘topless’ beauty home soon.

If you check for all the points mentioned above, you should not face any problems after you buy a used convertible for yourself. You can flaunt the beauty all around with no regrets whatsoever.

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