Used Cars are No Bad Choice

By TheCarzingTeam, April 12, 2019 | Opinion

It is a moment of pride to own a car, and indeed it is special when you strive for it and finally earn it. The feeling of owning your own first car is extremely joyful, be it a brand new car or a second hand used one, first is always special. It goes without saying that a car is an expensive thing to purchase and pay for and everyone gets it for a specific different purpose according to their needs. Some buy it a need or means to travel and commute on a daily basis, some purchase it for a business like a car rental service. Some need it for long distance travel and there are some who have a fetish for cars and want to own one. So surely there are a variety of buyers and for each, there is a different set to purchase. According to the need and want, people may buy first hand, brand new cars while some go in for the second-hand car.

All you need to know about second-hand cars

 Used cars are no worse if it has been maintained well. The maintenance contributes a lot to the present condition and so does the sale value.  Despite, being at a depreciated rate, the price fluctuates according to the car’s condition. However, when purchasing a second-hand car, here are a few tips that will help you make the right decision when choosing through a huge lot and also will give you tips what precautions must be taken while making the purchase so that there is no error later.

 Here are a few major points you need to keep in mind when purchasing a used car

  • Make sure to get a drive yourself in the car and not completely rely on the conditions described on paper. This is the most important aspect when purchasing a car. The practical technicalities of the car can be known only when driven. Driven through a variety of terrain tells you all about that.
  • Get a thorough inspection done of the car from a well-trained mechanic. This helps in the detection of any machinery flaw that might be there. This will surely be a preventive measure that will avoid you any hassle of the car conking down midway.
  • Do not miss on checking with the car insurance papers and its proper handover to the second owner from its first owner. While doing this, tally the engine and chassis number given in the paper check all what the insurance covers
  • Get the car registered in your name, get the insurance papers transferred thus. It will save you all the confusion later in the case of an insurance claim.
  • Very importantly, get NCB transferred to your name. This is important as, despite the insurance and registration being transferred, NCB does not come within it. It needs separate attention. NCB is No Claim Bonus, which is not transferred, you may have to pay for the difference in the amount for the policy balance period.
  • Know your car well. Make sure to select a car which serves your purpose, know the details and specifications of the car.

Used cars serve extremely well and at times as good as a new car, without giving you the financial crunch. It is just a matter of your selection of the car and the meticulous attention that you gave while purchasing it.

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