Which Used Cars Not To Buy: A Descriptive Guideline

By TheCarzingTeam, June 17, 2019 | Opinion

Pre-owned cars or second-hand cars, cars which have been previously owned by an owner or maybe it had even more than one owner. The business of used car owners and handling independent car dealing has been in the market for a long duration of time. These cars are re-fixed and bestowed with extended service and with an extended warranty. With the increase in the standards of the global economy, the capability of giving oneself a quality life together with a home, quality education and health benefits and vehicle (preferably a four-wheeler) comes as the first and for most people the foremost need. The requirement and purchasing power for the car have increased in the human in leaps and bounds and therefore, the business of sale and purchase of second cars have seen a steady evolution over the years. The world of selling a second-hand car has some “doe’s and don’ts” which if followed appropriately can become a boon to your starting business. One should always know – which used cars not buy because used cars are a risky thing to invest in.

Steps to starting a quality Used car business dealing

The misconception that generally carries is that for starting a sale and purchase of a car, you need a huge capital. However, the notion is untrue in the case of the used car business, a quality business plan and a tactful execution of it leads to saving thousands of dollars, the major expenditure that you might face is for the advertisement of your business. The promotion of your entity so that it can stand out more than the other business deals in the market. Because, let’s be honest, you are not the only one planning to have a second-hand car merchant business. If your deals and ideas of business are more varied and creative than the rest, you might stand a chance.

For that, you must be aware of the rationale of which model of car is being purchased and liked in your country;  the economic situations of the current market will help you make more specific preparations in advance. Following is a few more know-how tips before you invest in purchasing a car for yourself.

  • Dealer license

Each country and each state has a separate base of criteria which are required for the individuals to qualify themselves for a dealer’s license.. There is an extensive list of examinations to qualify for, before you get authorized to sell and purchase automobile vehicles. As there are not many honest dealers in the market who are involved in the motor parts business, having or initiating business terms would end up risky. The laws are strong in many cases, and one should better not forget that they might be playing with the lives of the people.

  • Business location

After successfully earning a dealer’s license, you should have a location big enough to handle and display your business entirely. Putting your best looking car on display is one of the tackiest yet successful ways to attract potential customers. Your entity must have enough space to showcase a car and also hold cars for repair and re-painting works. A separate entity for all the administration and paper works which is brightly lit and painted are ways to draw your guests into the surroundings. Besides that, you must know the taste and choice of your customer in your area and sell those cars accordingly.

  • Knowledge of the current market

If you have extensive knowledge and experience in the current scenarios of the market, then it would be easier for you to produce those cars which are on high demand by the customers. You could refer to monthly magazines and regularly check updates for increasing your knowledge about your market scenario. Display the cars of the latest trend and know about the exciting and the most drawing features they provide, their servicing and availability of spare parts, which later could entice the buyer for a big purchase.

  • Attractive cataloguing

If you are a certified car dealer, it is simple for you to get a used-car or second-hand car at cheaper rates. Your quality of marketing strategy lies in providing information on an attractive deal which you could provide easily. You may have kept a high margin for your benefit of business, but your customer care and service and warranties are game-changing enough for you to earn a maximum number of second-hand car purchasers. Maybe you have kept a low margin between the rate of purchase and rate of sale. The low cost might attract a large amount of the customers at your doorstep. Whatever your approach, you must be vigilant about your market.

Which used cars not to buy?

Like the dealer, the seller should be equally vigilant before making that big investment for themselves and their families. Some cars might be so eye-catching beautiful that you might want to take them home with you. While some might be extremely questionable, whatever they may be, a smart buyer before purchasing a used car for yourself checks things out. Here are a few tips to which used cars not to buy

  1. Misaligned or shaped body parts

Misaligned body parts of a car are some of the most common imperfections in the used car scene. This might indicate that this car has been involved in an accident, in such cases things like court cases and legal matters become inevitable. Thus, putting the car under the list of which used cars not to buy.

  1. Shaky suspension

If while undertaking a test drive you feel a problem in the steering wheel you might have questionable suspension and a faulty linkage. Scrutinize the conditions of the tires and brakes properly before purchasing.

  1. Driver’s history

It the most important feature, check not only driver’s history of that car;  but also the history of the car itself.  Check whether it was involved in some accident or it has some remaining unpaid EMIs issues. Does the car have any criminal record? If any of the conditions is not properly answered, consider it a case of which used cars not to buy.

You must never overlook a good test drive as a test drive often make the work of choosing an appropriate car yourself simpler, be a vigilant and smart buyer and choose wisely.

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