Are There Any Dealerships that Take Any Trade-In Near Me?

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The value of a trade-in can help offset the price of a new car purchase. However, the price that the owner receives at the dealership will depend on the make/model, age, condition, and mileage of the trade-in.

Privately selling a car could help owners make the most money, but selling the car to the dealership as a trade-in is much easier and might be the preferred option. Some dealerships even take any trade-in and could advertise that as a guaranteed amount for a trade-in. Buyers might wonder: “Are there any dealerships that take any trade-in near me?” Here’s how to get a fair price for that vehicle and find the best dealership for a trade-in.

Dealerships that Take Any Trade-In Near Me

The Dealership that Promises a Guaranteed Amount

Some car dealerships might advertise on the radio that they will take any trade-in and give every owner with a trade-in a guaranteed amount. If the offer is a few thousand dollars, car owners of clunky run-down cars could feel like they’re scoring a deal.

While that dealership might offer a great deal for all trade-ins, buyers might read their contract closely to better understand if there are other hidden fees or costs or if perhaps the price of that new car is higher than other dealerships. This might not be the case at all dealerships, though. Some dealerships could offer a trade-in deal for a specific brand. In fact, there are many guaranteed trade-in programs offered by dealerships throughout the country.

How can the buyer make sure they aren’t paying more for their car while receiving more money for their current car? Before visiting a dealership to trade-in a car and buy a new one, consumers should do their homework. Not only should they know their budget, but they also should shop around online to find out which dealerships offer the best prices on the cars they want.

Research the Value of Trade-Ins

Car owners also need to research the value of their cars to understand if they are receiving a fair price from the dealership. Kelley Blue Book (KBB) is one of the most trusted authorities for car valuations; car owners can visit KBB online to research the price of their vehicle.

KBB lets car owners start the valuation process by either entering the vehicle’s VIN or license plate info; car owners also could opt to search by make/model (and year) if they don’t have their vehicle information. KBB will also ask about the vehicle’s trim, any options in the car (be sure to select every feature that was an upgrade), the mileage, and the color.

The last step of the process will prompt owners to select the condition of their car. KBB offers a few options with descriptions. Owners should choose the description that best fits their vehicle. The condition impacts the value of the car, but choosing an inaccurate condition will only give the owner an inaccurate and inflated value. Car dealerships offer to purchase trade-ins every day, and they know the difference between a car in great condition and one that is only in fair condition.

After owners have entered all the information about their vehicle, KBB will show them the trade-in price of their vehicle. Car owners will be able to see the average trade-in value of their car and a range, too. In addition, car owners also could view the resale value if they wish to try and sell their cars privately.

The Difference Between the Resale Value and the Trade-In Value

The resale value of a vehicle will always be higher than the trade-in value. Owners can get the most money for their vehicle if they choose to sell it privately. Some owners, though, don’t want to deal with the process of a private sale.

Car owners should never expect the dealership to give them the resale value. This is due to the fact that car dealerships need to build on their profit. When a car owner sells the car privately, they are selling the car to someone who intends to drive it and use it. The dealership is the middleman for a car sale; they need to buy a car and then sell it to another buyer. They also might need to repair or clean the car.

Shop Around for the Best Price

Once buyers know the value of their trade-in, they can visit the dealership to find out how much they could receive. Sometimes trade-ins are a point of negotiation, but, again, car owners should be realistic when negotiating.

However, it also could be beneficial for car owners to come prepared with the KBB details. In addition, receipts for repairs or improvements also could help negotiations. If the dealership’s used inventory is low, they also might pay more for a trade-in.

Some dealerships might stand firm on their offer and not budge. Car owners don’t have to accept a trade-in offer if they think they aren’t getting a fair price. It’s ok to walk away and shop around. Another dealership could offer more.

How Can Car Owners Find Trade-In Offers?

Some car owners might drive a very old or rundown vehicle. Dealerships could still accept it as a trade-in, but they might not offer much for the vehicle. Car owners might wonder if guaranteed offers are a better option.

Car buyers can research local dealerships to find out if any are offering a trade-in deal. Remember, though, to read the details of the contract and research car prices before visiting the dealership. It isn’t a deal if that $2,000 guaranteed trade-in means paying $3,000 more than another dealership’s price on a car.

When car shoppers are looking for trade-in deals they also could stumble upon other promotions or incentives that make the purchase worth it in other ways. For example, some car models could be eligible for lower APR promotions or lease deals. Buyers could save money in other ways, even if the value of their trade-in isn’t high.

Don’t Forget Online Dealerships

Some online car sites also offer to buy vehicles. Some even let car owners receive a quote for their cars online. How does this process work?

Car buyers simply enter their vehicle data, and the company will send them a quote. If the car owner doesn’t feel the price is right, they can move on. However, selling a car to an online dealership is typically fairly simple.

Dealerships that Take Any Trade-In Near Me

Do Car Dealerships Buy Cars?

Some car owners aren’t in the market for a new car, but they might just want to sell their car. Dealerships purchase vehicles without the car being used as a trade-in. The process works the same way as a trade-in, except the car owner isn’t leaving the dealership in another car.

When selling a car to a dealership, car owners should expect to receive the trade-in value. Again, car dealerships need to build their profit margin. Research the car’s value before taking it to the dealership.

Donating a Car to Charity

Some dealerships might not offer much money for a rundown vehicle or a vehicle that won’t start. Maybe the car owner just needs to get that vehicle out of their driveway or garage. If they can’t sell it, where can they take the vehicle?

Some charities might take cars in any condition through special vehicle donation programs. In exchange for their donation, car owners might be able to deduct the donation from their taxes; the charity will provide documentation. However, car owners should talk to a tax professional related to any charitable deductions. Some charities also offer sports games tickets or other thank-you gifts for vehicle donations, too.

For more information about donating a vehicle to charity, car owners can review Charity Navigator’s guide.

Considerations When Trading In a Car

Car owners want to get the most money for their trade-ins. Offering up a car as a trade-in shouldn’t be a quick decision. Before visiting a dealership, car owners should know their budget for their new car and research the value of the car they wish to trade-in.

Take information from KBB related to the trade-in value of the vehicle to use as a reference and resource. Car owners need to remember, though, that car dealerships handle these transactions every day; don’t try to argue that the car is in great condition if it’s only a fair-condition car.

However, if owners don’t feel that they are getting the best offer, they don’t have to take the offer. It’s ok to visit other dealerships to see if someone else will pay more for that vehicle. In addition, car owners also could request quotes from online dealerships.

Buying a car and selling a car could be a series of negotiations. The dealership wants to make the most profit off that trade-in possible, and the car owner wants to get the most money for their vehicle. Knowing the value of a trade-in can help car owners feel empowered and negotiate at the dealership.

Some car owners might take the sale into their own hands and decide to sell their car privately; for those who are up for the task, the private sale could lead to the best profit to help with the price of that new car.

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