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Find Out Which Used Cars Are the Best Value Cars

By TheCarzingTeam June 9, 2019 | Used Cars

Used Cars

Is your dream car a little too expensive yet hardly a day goes by without you thinking about riding that beauty and drooling over not getting the kind of salary you need to realize your dream? Did your friend buy a new car just a couple of months ago and has had to spend a lot of money on a brand new car owing to the first year problems that a new car brings with it? Has one of your alcoholic friends spiraled into the depths of bankruptcy, and he didn’t get anywhere near as much money for his car when he had to resell it? Or back in the school days, Daddy bought a tiny new car while your friend came to school in the spacious old sedan? All these questions would eventually lead us to the six reasons we need to know why choosing an old car over a new one isn’t a crazy idea and tell us which used cars are the best value.

Let us now take a walk along with all six reasons one at a time:

  1. The villainous depreciation

Does the word “depreciation” ring a bell? I’m sure it does. You now recall the Accountancy and Economics classes in college. You remember how much you hated the subjects you chose. Well, depreciation remains evil even though you’re well past your studying years. Depreciation is the result of ageing in cars like wrinkles are to us humans, and no anti-ageing creams have in them to pull these cars out of depreciation. Forget the cars, what can the buyer do to avoid the effects of depreciation on the car he bought? Simple, buy a car that has already been depreciated.

  • Benefits of buying an already depreciated car
  • The waves of depreciation on a Car hit it the hardest during its first year.
  • These 12 months alone depreciate the value of an automobile by 19 per cent.
  • Hence, buying a depreciated Car allows one to resell the car very close to the price he purchased it in.
  • After the first twelve months, Depreciation a Car slows down drastically, which makes a car between two and four years old a fairly decent buy to avoid depreciation and hold on to the quality too.


  1. Buy the car of your dreams at half the price

Imagine going through a surge of inferiority complex every time your neighbour comes home driving the car of your dreams and waves a pretentious greeting.

Did you ever care to ask him how he could manage to buy such an expensive car? How could he buy the car of your dreams despite working in the same office as you and earning the same amount of money? Well, he went ahead and bought a used car he loved rather than driving in a vehicle he did not like at all just because it is new. While you kept planning in futility to save more and one day buy the car you’ve longed for since college he contacted a used car dealer and ended up with a beautiful ride and no regrets at all.


  1. The first year hurts

Like a newborn baby, a new car needs a whole lot of vigilance and care on the part of the owner yet despite the care and good maintenance few cars tend to pose a lot of problems in the first twelve months. Most automobiles show one issue at the very least during the first few months and buying a used car that is nearly a couple years old is both economic and smart. The pomp and celebration of a new car are often diluted in the first year issue, didn’t your friend spent a substantial amount of cash in the very first year of buying the brand new car? Hence, buying a car which has been used for a couple of years gives you a product which has already gone through the initial hick-ups and is ready to hit the streets in confidence.


  1. Sorry, the production has stopped

“Sorry, we have stopped the production of the car you’re asking for”, I’m sure you must have heard these words from manufacturers while looking fora rare old model you loved. Buying a new car comes as a second chance if you are crazy about a car whose produced has stopped for years now. All you need to do is contact a dealer and obtain the car you’ve loved for so very long despite it being out of production. The dealers not only provide you with an out of production automobile but can also provide you with a list mentioning which used cars are the best cost along with a lot of other out of production vehicles you’re a fan of.


  1. Certified pre-owned programs

Earlier in the day buying an old car meant a huge risk on the part of the buyer and was more of a coin toss with dire consequences at times. The arrival of CPO cars on the used car scene has meant to be a dramatic twist of fate in favour of the buyer. The CPO cars are warranted cars and are as safe as new cars to buy, which provides a stress-free deal to the buyers.


  1. More in Less

Buying used cars is like making a tremendous bargain in your favour as you get all the features of the model you’re buying with lesser money. Imagine getting expensive dark chocolate at the price of a locally cooked second-grade chocolate, yes, that’s how fulfilling the experience can be if you decide to buy a used car.


Notwithstanding the shine and pomp of buying a brand new car, it is in every way a much smarter decision to buy an already depreciated CPO warranted vehicle and enjoy the experience to the fullest without having to cope with any risks.

People around you may poke and question your decision to buy an already used car and list a thousand bogus, cliché reasons to go for a new one, pay no heed and let your sense prevail. Grab your dream car by the steering wheel. When one is looking for used cars, he should always research about which used cars are the best value.

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