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What are the 10 Top Selling Used Cars in America for 2018 that are Worth Your Investment

By TheCarzingTeam July 13, 2019 | Used Cars

Used Cars

Buying used cars is a tough job since a lot of efforts goes into it. When you buy a used car, you need to and you must contact and known mechanic and get the car checked so that you know what’s best for you. A second-hand car might be in quite a good condition if it has been used to a limited extent by the user and has been sent for service in a regular interval. On the other hand, a used car might be in a horrible condition as well if not taken care of properly so you need to analyze that and accordingly. So even if a car is looking for brand new, it might not be, so that is where your mechanic will help you. Besides this, it also depends on the quality of the car, whether it will be suitable for use in the long run or not. It is not a particular model, or a particular brand that can be recommended by there are a number of few different models that can be recommended if you are planning to buy a second-hand car.  Here are a few tips that you might find worth considering if you are buying a second-hand car.


Is it a good plan to buy a second-hand used car in the United States?


In the United States, living is pretty expensive and buying a second-hand car is a good option if you want to maintain your budget. It is not necessary that you always have to buy a new car a second-hand car also helps to meet your requirement correctly. If you are buying a vehicle mainly for domestic use like for going to the office or the supermarket, then go for quite a cheap version that is less expensive to maintain in the long run. But in case you are traveling to faraway places at least once a while, then you need to consult the mechanic to know what kind of vehicle would be ideal for your situation.


Used cars are ideal for use when you are looking for short term usage


Used cars are mainly recommended when you are going to use the car for a shorter period say for a period of 5 to 6 years. Else if you are looking for a long-term usage then you need to reconsider your decision as the engine of most cars are not in the best possible condition after 10 years or after running a distance of about 1 lakh Kilometers. Moreover, the more the car is used the lesser its mileage comes down to it. This happens to due running a car at high speed as well as having a diesel engine that charges them a lot of money due to its huge fuel consumption.


Popular cars that are ideal for second-hand use and the reasons behind them


Some of the popular cars that have been popular for second-hand use for quite a while now are listed here along with the reasons behind the popularity of these vehicles.


  • Hyundai i20 is the cheapest, and one of the nest used car options available at the money. If the car has been maintained properly in good condition then it is ideal for use for a time of 8 years or even more. Any parts of this car are available at quite a low price in the US and if you are on a budget then this is the car for you.
  • If you are looking for a used high-end car for personal use or even for commercial purpose for receiving guests and so on then the best option for you would be an Audi A1. This is one of the highest selling models of Audi and if you are going t buy a used car then it would cost you much less.
  • Volkswagen Polo is another fabulous car that can be used in case of second-hand cars if you are looking for a budget-friendly option. Most of the body parts of this car are made in Germany and you can rely on the quality of these cars when it comes to the quality of the Volkswagen cars.
  • If you are looking for used cars then you must consider the Ford Fiesta. This article is all about the 10 top-selling used cars in America for 2018 and this card from the ford company has managed to be on top of people’s list. Often this car is regarded as the most preferred one for second-hand use, especially when it comes to users who are going to get a used the vehicle for regular use. This car has been the best mileage among the previous ones and it has a fairly good enough boot space and other facilities.
  • If you want a jeep or SUV like structure then go for the vehicle but make sure you get it checked properly by the mechanic else SUV cars can become a real-time problem. Usually, the SUV cars are made up of heavier body and preferred by many people for further use.
  • Another excellent luxury vehicle option is BMW 3 Series Touring. This is another excellent car with a good body and a stable engine that can be trusted for years. This car is even suitable for domestic use and is one of the best options to buy when it comes to used cars. The only problem with this vehicle is that it is quite expensive even if you buy the 2nd hand version and you will have to invest a lot of money for buying a second hand used version of this car.


What type of cars you should avoid while getting a used car


When you are searching around for all these features and car models that are ideal for getting a used car here are a few more points that you must keep into consideration. These are the don’ts of getting a used car. When you are buying a used car make sure it does not have any of these features.


  • The body of the car should not be made of a fragile material. How long and how safe a used car is can be determined with the help of the body of the car. If the car body is made of a comparatively harder material then it is supposed that it would be a safe option in the long run.
  • The next important point is the boot space. The used or new one does not matter if a car does not have an accurate boot space then it would be of no use to you. You need to look for a car that has sufficient boot space even if you think that the boot space is not needed you are wrong and will not be happy with a small boot space in the future.
  • The next tip might not seem to be quite a relevant form your mechanics point of view as well. If you are buying a used car try to buy one that has run for a distance of less than 2 lakh miles. This will help you to get an engine that is in good condition.
  • The older your car is the greater will be its fuel consumption. This is the main problem with used cars. These used cars give a very low mileage as compared to the original model. This fact is denied by many companies but it is a proven fact that has been seen as a trend for the majority of the brands and the models.
  • The used cars should be preferable to a turbo petrol engine. this is a great tip. If you buy a used car with a diesel engine then you are going to suffer and that is almost a proven fact. The diesel engines will consume an enormous amount of fuel in the time when it is of more than 5 years old. This kind of vehicle is still considered fine for those who use it for commercial purpose. But if you are buying a vehicle for the domestic purpose the stay away from used diesel engines.



Did you know what is the best-selling used car in the united states?


Here is a small piece of information if you wanted to know about the best-selling used vehicle in the united states. This is none other than the different variety of trucks. These are sold from one owner to another and even from one company to another so they undergo a frequent change in the ownership and that is why the trucks have emerged out to be the highest selling used vehicle when it comes to the United States.  These have to undergo a heavy period of service irrespective of the company who buy it. This vehicle is not meant for domestic purposes, and thus, the body of the car is not an important factor.


Best-selling used SUV in the united states


If you are wondering about the best-selling SUV in the united states that one has to be the Toyota Rav4, which has undergone a tremendous change of hands in the past few years. This car has some of the most spacious interiors and also a great boot space. The SUVs are the best vehicles in every possible aspect. If you want to buy a car that all possible benefits then go for an SUV. It is not only for regular use but if you want to get away on a weekend trip with your family then also SUV vehicles are the best option. So, if it is possible for you to make sure you go through the instructions from your mechanic and get the best possible SUV deal.


Best used SUVs that are popular in the united states


If you look into the popular SUVs that run in the united states, then here is a list of few basic cars that are great when you are looking towards buying a used car.


  • The Ford F series is an excellent launch from the Ford and has moderately affordable body parts and a solid body that is great for long term use when it comes to used SUV vehicles.
  • The Chevrolet Silverado is another popular SUV. This vehicle is very common in the united states because there has been a record that this SUV has a way above regular cars in terms of performance. This is one of the cheapest options of SUV, and if possible, you must give a thought to this particular one.
  • Dodge Ram s another very popular SUV that is owned mainly by the porched people in the states. For regular people, it is very difficult even to buy or maintain such a vehicle.
  • The Nissan rogue or rogue sport is another budget-friendly SUV option. It is not the best possible SUV vehicle that you might get around, but you can always go for a test drive and then decide whether the car is ideal for your use or not.

Thus, if you are looking forward to getting a used vehicle, then you can consider the above-mentioned facts that will help you spot the perfect used vehicle according to your purpose of use if you are buying a car just to make your regular domestic travel easier then stick to your budget and get the cheapest one possible. But if you are buying it for a commercial purpose, then you can go for the high-end ones. Again, if you want to take a drive to the countryside in your car, then the SUV cars could be an ideal option. Again, remember it is always advisable to take a petrol engine even if the mechanic suggested that the diesel vehicle is well maintained and ideal for use still it is not always recommended to get a petrol run vehicle.

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