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Do Car Owners Pay Taxes on the Proceeds of a Car Sale?

January 16, 2023

When an older car isn’t in use, the owner might not be interested in holding onto it and paying for upkeep. Selling a car privately or to a dealership could help an individual have money for the down payment for a newer model, but, sometimes, the car...

Multicultural Digital Marketing for Dealerships

October 21, 2022

Each consumer demographic has different buying habits and priorities when shopping for a vehicle online. There isn’t a universal digital marketing methodology that effectively transforms interest into action for all consumer demographic groups. Inste...

10 Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean

October 19, 2022

The condition of a car can increase or decrease the value. Owning a car requires regular maintenance and cleaning. Not only will this keep the vehicle more comfortable (and sanitary) for daily driving, but routine cleanings and maintenance also can h...


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