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Why are Teslas so Expensive?

February 09, 2023

There are only two electric vehicles that were among the 25 best-selling vehicles of 2022. These two electric vehicles have one commonality: they are both Tesla models. The Tesla Model Y and the Tesla Model 3 were the sixth and 15th most popular cars...

How to Tell What Engine Your Car Has

February 02, 2023

For standard cars, the engine provides power to the car. While some buyers might not place any importance on the engine, other buyers want to know all the details. While a buyer might not care about the engine, they also might not understand the spec...

Do Car Owners Pay Taxes on the Proceeds of a Car Sale?

January 16, 2023

When an older car isn’t in use, the owner might not be interested in holding onto it and paying for upkeep. Selling a car privately or to a dealership could help an individual have money for the down payment for a newer model, but, sometimes, the car...

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