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"The appointment rates are substantially higher to the leads than that of the competitor and they also close at a higher percentage than most."

Manny Aguilar, Internet Director
North Hollywood Toyota, CA

"Our cost per lead is one of the lowest lead sources that we have right now. While maintaining a very high close rate. These leads are good quality leads."

David Seulean, Regional Sales Manager
Drive N-Motion, CO

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Benefits and Features

For starters, you can connect with more ready-to-buy shoppers by posting your inventory online through the CarZing platform. CarZing provides a comprehensive set of online tools such as inventory search, pre-qualification approval, payment customization, and secure deal confirmation so your sales team can know more about shoppers’ buying power and track their sales leads. These invaluable tools will help close the sale with confidence and no surprises for you and the customers.

How do you work CarZing Leads? (Not DealerCenter Dealer)

How do you work CarZing Leads? (DealerCenter Dealer)

CarZing offers customers fast and easy online pre-qualification for auto financing on all the vehicles posted on the CarZing website without SSN nor impacting credit score. Through a simple guided process, financially qualified customers can customize their payment term and obtain instant financing approval before or after searching for the vehicle they are interested. Once approved, the customer can secure an online deal by requesting a deal voucher. The dealership will honor the deal when the customer visits the dealership with the voucher to finalize the purchase.

After the customer has pre-qualified for a vehicle and printed a deal voucher, the dealership will receive an email about the customer’s interest and intent to purchase the vehicle. With the pre-qualification term and contact information provided at hand, the dealer can follow up on the sales lead and call the customer to discuss about the deal. Afterwards, the dealer invite the customer to visit the dealership for a test drive before completing the paperwork to finalize the sale.

Pre-Qualified Voucher

A pre-qualified voucher provides all the information about a vehicle the customer is interested to purchase. It includes the sale price and the financing term set by the customer. With the voucher in hand, the customer can visit the dealership and take the vehicle for a test drive. The dealership prepares the paperwork and finalizes the deal once the customer decides to purchase the vehicle, saving the sales team time and effort to make the sell. More importantly, it allows the customer to purchase the vehicle without the hassle and pressure to negotiate. To complete the purchase, customer will need to bring along the following items:

  • Deal Voucher
  • Driver’s License
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Proof of Income
  • Proof of Residency
  • Current Utility Bill

Current active DealerCenter and Westlake dealers will receive pre-qualifications from ready-to-buy customers who have visited the CarZing platform to search for their car. Knowing how to process it quickly and efficiently is the key to closing the sales transaction before the customer turns away. Below are steps on how to capitalize on the opportunities and seal the deal.


Step 1

Check DealerCenter to see that you have received an email that a customer has printed a sales voucher.

Step 2

Go into DealerCenter and find the voucher. To find the voucher you can search by either customer name or voucher name.

Step 3

Once you pull up the voucher, you should be able to see the customer information and what decision was given for the customer.

Step 4

From there, you can contact the customer or start a deal if the customer is in store. Everything will be pre-filled and the decisions given on the deal will be honored by Westlake.


If you are currently an active Westlake dealer, contact the general support number and request to have the pre-qualification sales leads sent to you. The leads will be automatically uploaded to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system where you can run the customer’s credit report.

Once processed, submit the vehicle deal to Westlake as the lender. Westalke should be able to match the customer with the voucher. If there is a match Westlake will honor the deal presented and you can proceed with the vehicle purchase as you normaly would.

A customer who is interested in a particular vehicle and would like more information can submit an inquiry by clicking on the Contact Dealer link provided on the vehicle details page. The dealership will receive an email notification with the customer’s name, contact information along with details of the vehicle they are interested. This sales lead generation provides an opportunity for the dealer to follow up and connect with ready-to-buy customers. If the customer has also pre-qualified for the vehicle, details of the financing term will also pass along to the dealer which will expedite the sales process, saving time and resources for the dealer to make the sale. And the customer can feel at ease without the pressure to negotiate at the dealership.

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