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Dealer Website Integration Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What if I don't know my DealerCenter ID?
    A: Your CarZing Representative can provide you with this value during the integration process.
  • Q: Can I change the size of the widget?
    A: If you choose our Modern Medium theme, it's responsive in width up to 300px at maximum and down to 150px at minimum. The Modern Small theme has a static height and width, so it cannot be resized.
  • Q: What is the maximum number of characters I can use for the button text?
    A: To accommodate the maximum (300px) size of the Modern Medium theme, we offer a limit of 50 characters. Expect text to be truncated for sizes smaller than 300px.
  • Q: How do I populate the price, vin, and primary image url values?
    A: Depending on your provider, these values should ideally be populated programmatically per vehicle. For the convenience of our DealerCenter customers, these values are pre-populated for our Dealer Websites product.
JavaScript Code

Include the below JavaScript code at the end of the Vehicle Detail Page's <body> tag:

<script src="{DC_ID}/vdp"></script>
Q: What value should be placed in the {DC_ID} position?
A: CarZing will provide you with this value during the integration process.

Use the below HTML code on each vehicle details page. The values in bold should be replaced according to the respective vehicle.

<div style="width:360px;height:350px" class="carmojo-calculator"
    data-carmojo-trim="2.5i Premium"
    data-carmojo-description="CLEAN CARFAX HISTORY REPORT, BlueTooth, and Service Records. Alloy wheels, AM/FM radio: SiriusXM, and Heated front seats. All Wheel Drive! JUST REDUCED!!"

Q: What fields are required?
A: VIN is the only required field if your vehicle is already in DealerCenter CRM.

Q: What are valid values for Vehicle Class?
A: The following three values are allowed:

  • "1" - New vehicle
  • "2" - Used vehicle
  • "3" - Certified Pre-owned

Q: What are the image URLs used for?
A: The primary image provides the image of the vehicle that will be printed on the prequalification certificate. The dealer logo will similarly be used for printing on the prequalification certificate.

Q: What are the required dimensions for images?
A: The primary image should be about 130px in width and 86px in height. The dealer logo image should be about 180px in width and 90px in height.

Output Example

Standard Layout:

Mobile/Vertical Layout (≤450px wide):

Q: What should be the size of the widget?
A: The height of the widget should be 275px when the width is larger than 450px. If the width is less than 450px, the height of the widget should be 465px.


Copy and paste the following HTML code to the Get Pre-Qualified page's placement:

Substitute the corresponding Dealership ID provided by CarZing (highlighted in bold)

Substitute the corresponding Dealership's name (highlighted in bold)

<iframe frameborder="0" width="100%" height="1200px" scrolling="no" 

Pre-Qualification form output example

Getting Started

All CarZing API requires the following mandatory HTTP header:
x-com-carzing-api-key - the header should contains the {API_KEY}

All POST requests made to CarZing API should use the following content type:

API root endpoint

HTTP Status codes

  • 200 - OK
  • 400 - Bad request
  • 404 - URL Not Found
  • 405 - Method Not Allowed
  • 429 - Rate Limit Exceeded
  • 500 - Internal Error

Submit Pre-qualification information

POST /SubmitPrequalification

Request POST Body:

Substitute the corresponding customer information accordingly (highlighted in bold)

    "PhoneNumber":"(626) 652-2288",
    "Address":"49840 LEISURE LAKE DR",



Parameters Values
  • 1 - Computerized Paystub Showing Year-To Date Pay
  • 1 - Computerized Paystub Showing Year-To Date Pay
  • 2 - Computerized Paystub With No Year-To-Date Pay
  • 3 - -Handwritten Paystub Showing Tax Deduction
  • 4 - 3 Months Of Recent Business Bank Statements
  • 5 - 3 Months Of Recent Personal Bank Statements
  • 10 - Permanent Disability Income From An Insurance Company
  • 0 - I do not have one of the required income types listed above
Create Vehicles

POST /ImportVehicles

Request POST Body: (multiple vehicles can be included in the JSON array)

Substitute the corresponding vehicle information accordingly (highlighted in bold)

  "DCCompanyID": "881234",
  "Vin": "J1BF1FK0GU147428",                                         
  "StockNo": "302518",
  "VehiclePrice": 25413,
  "Year": 2014,
  "Make": "Toyota",
  "Model": "Camry",
  "Trim": "SE Sedan 4D",
  "Mileage": 12566,
  "ExteriorColor": "Black",
  "InteriorColor": "Black",
  "BodyType": "Sedan",
  "Doors": "4",
  "Engine": "4-Cyl, 2.5 Liter",
  "DriveTrain": "FWD",
  "FuelType": "Gasoline",
  "Transmission": "Auto, 6-Spd SeqShft",
  "TransmissionType": "Automatic",
  "BodyStyle": "Sedan",
  "Cylinders": "4",
  "HighwayMPG": "35",
  "CityMPG": "25",
  "VehicleClass": "Used",
  "Photos": [
      "ImageUrl": "{PHOTO1_URL}"
      "ImageUrl": "{PHOTO2_URL}"
  "Equipments": [
      "CodeDescription": "Stability Control",
      "EquipmentType": "Equipment"
      "CodeDescription": "ABS (4-Wheel)",
      "EquipmentType": "Equipment"


    "DCCompanyID": "881234",                                                                                  
    "Vin": "J1BF1FK0GU147428",
    "StockNo": "302518"

Parameters Values
  • New
  • PreOwned
  • Used
  • Automatic
  • Manual
Compute Payments

POST /ComputePayment

Mulitple Inventory IDs or combination of DC Company ID, VIN and Stock Number (in the "Inventory" field) can be provided to identify the list of vehicles on which the compute should be performed.

** Note: use "0" as term for the service to determine the longest term

                                // FICO should be provided only for 
    // compute based on FICO only (i.e. no pre-qual session has 
    // been established)
    "FICO": 750, 
                                // PreQualSessionId should contain the session ID 
    // from the "Submit Pre-Qualification Response" 
    // when compute based on pre-qual session
    "PreQualSessionId": {SESSION_ID}, 
    "DownPayment": 1500,
    "Term": 72
    "InventoryIDs": [
                                // As an alternative to InventoryIDs, 
    // client application can provide combination of DC Company ID, 
    // VIN and Stock Number for identifying vehicles
    "Inventory": [
            "DCCompanyID": "881234",                                                                                  
            "Vin": "J1BF1FK0GU147428",
            "StockNo": "302518"
            "DCCompanyID": "881234",
            "Vin": "J1BF1FK0GU147429",
            "StockNo": "302519"


    "Approved": true,
    "MonthlyPayment": 325,
    "DownPayment": 1500,
    "Term": 60,
    "APR": 4.99,
    "AmountFinanced": 18999,
    "StateTax": 18090,
    "InventoryID": "669923af-c3f5-e511-80f4-005056827101"
Currently Supported Feeds

Many DMS providers have already been enabled to send their feeds to CarZing. If you currently use one of them, it should be a snap to set up.

These are the providers currently supported:

  • DealerCenter
  • CarsForSale
  • DealerCarSearch
  • Chroma
  • PRcoPower
  • Dealer Socket / Fire
  • Motorcar Marketing
  • Dealer Front- Coming Soon
  • Auto Manager - Coming Soon

Q: What if my DMS isn't listed here?
A: No problem. CarZing is happy to work with any DMS to set up your inventory feed.
Data File Format

We support the widely accepted standard HomeNet feed format. The only restriction we add on top of this is the file naming convention (DCID_MMDDYYYY.csv).

For example, if your DCID was 123456, you would use this file format if transmitting on 11/28/2016: 123456_11282016.csv

Q: What if I don't use DealerCenter DMS?
A: If you are not currently a DealerCenter customer with a DCID, CarZing will provide you with the number to use.
Data Transfer
Feeds may be transmitted to us over SFTP. We will provide you with unique credentials upon implementation.